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Museum of the History of Brest

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 3 Location: Brest, Brest region
The Museum of the History of Brest was opened on July 25, 1998. It was founded on February 28, 1990. The museum fund is about 4000 museum items. The permanent exhibition presents more than 500 museum items that reveal the history of the city of Brest at different stages: the appearance of the ancient Russian city of Berestye (1019); Brest-Litovsk in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (14th century - 1569), Rzeczpospolita (1569-1795), the Russian Empire (1795-1917), Brest over Bug river in the Second Rzeczpospolita (1921) -1939) and modern Brest. One of the central and uniting elements of the museum's exposition is the Brest map, reflecting its development in time.

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    Exposure - Museum of the History of Brest

    1. Architectural appearance and historical life of the city in the XI - first half of the XIX centuries. Here you will see a collection of annals, the arms of the ancient city of Berestye. Plan of the medieval city.
    2. Here you can learn about the events and famous people of the city from getting them Magdeburg law. Historical photos, portraits, paintings, postcards, bibles.
    3. You will get into the recreated interior of the Brest residents of the 20th century: the attributes of everyday life, musical instruments.

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    Address 224003, Republic of Belarus, Brest, st. Levanevskogo 3 GPS Google: 52.095159′ N, 52.095159′ E