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Orsha Museum of  V.S. Karatkevich

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Type: Personal The exhibition: 2 Location: Orsha, Vitebsk region

Orsha Museum of  V.S. Karatkevich is opened November 26, 2000 for the 70th anniversary of the writer and is a branch of the museum complex «History and culture of Orshanschyna». In 1994 was created the museum «Our famous fellow countrymen», one of the sections of the exhibition is planned to devote Vladimir Korotkevich. But in September 1997 Museum of famous countrymen was given the name «Orsha Museum of V.S. Karatkevich», telling about the life and work of the famous writer. The museum is located in a building, monument of the civil architecture of the late XIX - early XX century. Since 1925, there was placed a maternity hospital in which 26 November 1930, and was born the future writer.

In two large rooms on the ground floor of the building housed a museum exhibition under the title «Portrait of the writer and the man». On the second floor of the museum is an art gallery for temporary exhibitions.

Today in the exhibition presents more than a thousand exhibits. The most valuable of them - the writer's personal belongings, manuscripts of his works, drawings Karatkevich artist. In the archives of the museum - interesting thematic tours, museum lessons, video films Karatkevich and films made by his scenarios.

The museum is actively involved in international exhibition projects, collaborating with Japan, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Sweden. Traditionally, on the basis of the museum hosts an international scientific conference dedicated to the work of Vladimir Karatkevich.

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    Exposure - Orsha Museum of  V.S. Karatkevich

    1. «Portrait of the writer and the man» the central part of the exhibition is a creative workshop of the writer - a fragment of his cabinet of Minsk apartments.
    2. is dedicated to the literary heritage of our countryman. Inside the exhibition is a research center. It includes a research library, methodical and archival materials, workplace researcher. Here you can hear the unique voice recordings of the writer, musical works of Belarusian artists on his verses, watch movies scenarios Karatkevich.

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    Address Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Orsha, st. Lenin, 26 GPS Google: 54.511341′ N, 54.511341′ E