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Museum of History of Minsk

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 9 Location: Minsk, Minsk region

The history of the museum: The history of the museum began in 2010, when the first exposition of works by the Hero of Belarus, People's Artist of Belarus, honorary citizen of Minsk Mikhail Andreevich Savitsky “Artist. Citizen. Hero". The exposition was located in the historical center on the territory of the Upper Town in the building - a monument of architecture of the XIX century on the street. Revolutionary, 10. Since 2012, the gallery has been located in a building on the territory of the Upper City at pl. Svobody, 15 - the former city estate of the 18th century, the administration of the museum is also located here.

Today, the Museum of the History of the City of Minsk is a large association, the structure of which includes nine museum objects. The basis of the museum's funds are the collections of archaeological excavations of Minsk of the 11th - 19th centuries, items of urban life, cameras of the late 19th - 20th centuries, paintings, graphics, arts and crafts, memorial collections of famous Minskers and others. The museum hosts interchangeable thematic exhibitions, including international ones, based on collections of collectors, artists, photographers, various organizations and institutions, as well as a variety of creative projects: concerts, seminars, conferences, creative events, plein air.

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    Exposure - Museum of History of Minsk

    1. Workshop-Museum of Folk Artist of Belarus Ivan Misko
    2. City art gallery of works of L.D. Schemelёva
    3. Art Gallery of Mikhail Savitsky dedicated to the life and creative way of the Hero of Belarus, national artist Belarus, honorary citizen of the city of MinskM.A. Savitsky; exhibition «Minsk province. Nobility life» – is the reconstruction of the historic interiors of the XIX century. Change thematic exhibitions, events.
    4. Minsk City Hall exhibition «Minsk in the historic space. Mapping study» conducted removable exhibitions.
    5. Museum Loshitskaya Manor
    6. Karetnaya reveals the history cartage in Minsk of XIX - first quarter of the XX century.
    7. Archaeological Museum Upper Town change thematic exhibitions.
    8. Minsk Horse Museum
    9. Art-lounge High place

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    Address 220030 Republic of Belarus, Minsk, pl. Svobodi, 15 GPS Google: 53.903335′ N, 53.903335′ E