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House-Museum of Adam Mickiewich in Novogrudok

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Type: Literary Location: Novogrudok, Grodno region

Adam Mickiewicz”s house is a museum located in Novogrudok on the place where once the parents of the famous Polish-Belarusian poet, publicist and public figure were living.

The first real attempt to open Adam Mickiewicz museum in Novogrudok was made in 1920. Local authorities allowed to organize a museum or library in the poet”s house. But they didn”t manage to do it quickly because at that time other people were living there. Later the Polish-Soviet war began, and Novogrudok was seized by occupants. The plans to open the Adam Mickiewicz Museum had to be postponed.

The museum in Novogrudok appeared only on September 1938 under the initiative of a voluntary scientific community «Mitskevichsky Committee». Soon the Great Patriotic War began, and the house-museum was badly damaged by German bombing. It was reconstructed 14 years later - at 100-th anniversary of the death of A. Mitskevich.

The museum building was completely reconstructed in 1991 year according to the historical original of the XIX century: there were a wing, a barn, a well and a gazebo. In May 2001 an exhibition was opened in the museum. Today the collection consists of about 8000 items, including a variety of things that belonged to the A. Mitskevich”s family (documents, pictures of parents and brothers, personal belongings, etc.), archaeological finds on the areas of the poet”s homeland, books dating the XVIII century, and etc.
In the House-Museum of Adam Mickiewicz there are literary and musical evenings in the performance of students of the school of arts are held.

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    Address 231400, Novogrudok, Lenina Street, 1 GPS Google: 53.598216′ N, 53.598216′ E