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Type: Personal The exhibition: 2 Location: Minsk, Minsk region

"House Estate Vankovich. culture and art of the first half of the nineteenth Century " - A branch of the National Art Museum of Belarus opened in 2000 on the 200th anniversary of the birth of the artist Valentiy Vankovich in the Upper Town in Minsk. The territory of modern complex began to settle in the late sixteenth century., And in the second half of the XVII century. there was built a stone house, cellars which are currently under the northern part of the manor house. Restoration home-estate Vankovich XVIII - XIX centuries. was carried out in the years 1980-1997. In 2008, a restored outbuilding and a fence with an entrance gate (Brahma). In 2010, in the courtyard of the estate is a sculptural composition "The morning of the artist" by sculptor V. Slobodchikova - executed in bronze figure of Valentia Vankovich, with palette and brush released towards friends. Restored some interiors, which posted a separate gallery of portraits of the manor and a memorial hall dedicated to the life and work of the artist.

Valentiy Wilgelm Vankovich (1800-1842) - Belarusian painter of the nineteenth in., gained fame not only in Belarus, but also far beyond. He was born on May 12, 1800 at the estate Kalyuzhitsy Igumen district of Minsk province. Vankovich were linked by family ties with a number of noble birth Belarus. B. Vankovich studied in Polotsk Jesuit College (1811-1818) (from 1813 - Faculty of Liberal Academy of Sciences of Polotsk), then at the Department of Literature and Fine Arts (1818-1824), Vilnius University, Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Vankovich napisalportrety relatives and friends of the university, later known poets and public figures - T. Zan, E. Romer, A.E. Odinets, Y. Korsak, A. Mickiewicz, G. Kiesling, F. Malevskiy A. Tovyanskiy. Artist painted portraits of M. Shymanowskay pianist, poet Alexander Pushkin, P.Vyazemskiy, V. Zhukovskiy. In February 1829 Vankovich returns home in Minsk. He has two shops - Minor Slepyanka in Minsk, where he works with his friend Cheslav Moniuszko. Paints portraits of his father, sister Stanislava Gornovsky, Dominica Moniuszko, wife Annelie with children, uncles Anton Gorki, Slonim leader Wojciech Puslovsky nobility and members of his family. After 1830 Vankovich leave Minsk. He works and exhibits in Berlin, Dresden, Munich, and September 15, 1841 moved to Paris and stay in a family Mickieviches. Although the disease continues to run. The painting "The Apotheosis of Napoleon," icons "St. John the Evangelist," and "St. Clara." Most of the artist's small part in museums and private collections in England, France, Italy, Poland, Lithuania and Russia.

The museum has organized an interactive program "On a visit to the old elm" (architecture manor house and estate space, "This way, please, follow me.'s This gentleman's parlor" (room in the manor house of Edward Vankovich), "The living room is truly a noble ... "(front living room in the manor house of Edward Vankovich) "Pastaral dream" (pastoral theme in the decoration of the front room of the manor Edward Vankovich), "The Way of the artist (home from school)" (formation of creative work of the artist Vankovich Valentia), "Christmas at the manor house Vankoviches", "celebration in honor of your birthday " "In the sanctuary, where the shadow of the olive breathing ..." (learning to see the picture), "Tile" Mirror "gentry furnace" (History of the estate of Edward Vankovich furnaces).

Vankovich House and Estate is located in the historical center of Minsk is the memorial palace and estate architecture. This place is associated with the life and work of the Belarusian artist Vankovich Valentia (1800 -1842). Manor built in the late XVIII - first half of XIX century in the style of classicism. It was located in the yard, separated from the street by a fence with gates, which to this day have not survived. A one-story rectangular wooden house is covered with a high hip roof with a loft downtown. The interior was decorated with tiled stoves that to this day is also not preserved. Archaeological excavations carried out in 1983 in the house at the International, confirmed the time of its foundation - end XVIII century. Found an interesting feature. It turns out that under the building are stone dungeon XVII century, which are adapted for the basement. There also have been found: tile end of the XVIII century, which was covered with a house, fragments of ceramic, iron and glass things at the time. In 1982 began the restoration of the monument. Townhouse B. Vankovich not only a monument of classical architecture, but also the object of the memorial history of our culture. In it there were Damel Yan, Stanislaw Moniuszko, Vintsuk Dunin-Marcinkewich - contemporaries and friends V. Vankovich.

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    1. memorial halls exhibited copies of archival documents on V. Vankovich and his kind, the photographs and color reproductions of portraits of his brush, presented by the National Museum in Warsaw, the Lithuanian Art Museum and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, as well as copies of paintings ("Self-Portrait" Valenty Vankovich, around 1840, the Polish artist Ryszard Primke). Presented the original paintings of other artists of the first half of the XIX century contemporaries Valenty Vankovich: portraits "Alexander Moniuszko" (1816) Jan Rustem, "Maria Mickiewicz" (1856) Tadeusz Gorki, "Zinaida divs" (1841), Xavier Kanev, still lifes 1830s. Ivan Hrutskogo, paintings "Palm Sunday" (1847), Canuto Rusetsky, "Paul I frees Tadeusz Kosciuszko" (1820) by Jan Damel and decorative and applied arts (bookcase, a chandelier and marble clock eighteenth - early nineteenth century.), Engravings - "Neighborhoods of Vilna. Snipishki" (with chromo Hrutskiy I.F.) and "Paris. Opera" (with etchings by Ernst Lefevr).
    2. ”Tea room” reconstructed the interior of the cabinet and the front living room.

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