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Branch Kupala Literary Museum «Trench»

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Type: Literary Location: Minsk region

Branch Kupala Literary Museum "Trenches" is one of the four branches of the State Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala. Yanka Kupala - a classic of world literature and Belarus, one of the founders of the new Belarusian literature and modern Belarusian literary language, the national poet of Belarus, the spiritual leader of the Belarusian national revival. He has performed as a poet, playwright, essayist, translator and social activist. The poet was born in the manor Vyazynka Vileika County Vilna province (now Molodechnensky district, Minsk region). Yanka Kupala - is pen name of Ivan Dominikovich Lutsevich, which was prompted by his own birth date - June 25 (July 7) 1882. That same day, the Belarusians celebrate covered with legends, ancient holiday Kupala. Branch based on the order of 05.09.1989 № 141 of the Ministry of Culture of the Byelorussian SSR, opened to the public in honor of 08.29.1992 110th anniversary of the birth of the poet. Branch "Trenches" - especially since the parents of the poet in 1883 moved from the village of Logoyschinu Bundle for most of his life lived in these places (35 years). Here the poet lived and sisters with their families. The museum consists of two parts: a historical and memorial. The historical part is a museum with exhibits in five halls in the village Horuzhentsy (formerly homestead Mikhalishki). Her feature - a theater hall with a unique collection of documents, photographs, theatrical costumes and other artifacts. The author of the artistic concept of the exhibition was the honored worker of culture of Belarus Eduard Agunovich. The museum has preserved many manuscripts Okopskogo period. In the trenches were written the poem "Bandarovna", "Tomb of the Lion", "She and I" play "Pavlinka", "scattered nest", "Primakov", "The local", more than 100 poems. Memorial part of the museum located in the tract "Trenches" (2 km from the d.Horuzhentsy), where the poet's mother lived and rented the land for 20 years (from 1909 to 1929) and where he spent most creative years Kupala. Fontanelle flow near the building, and near the cross erected in memory of the former estate of Mikhalishki. For a small grove in the meadow is a summer amphitheater. Not far from the museum visitors are greeted by the composition of the "Young Kupala" (sculptor A. Zaspitsky, G. Muromtseva). Having visited the museum, visitors will learn many interesting facts about the life of the poet, his parents, relatives, who lived in these places.

In the branch of "Trenches" annually conducts seminars for young poets of Minsk region, conducted the final concert of art song contest "Kupala holidays". In the museum there is a souvenir.

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    Address 223124, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Logoiskii district, village Horuzhеntsy GPS Google: 54.214583′ N, 54.214583′ E