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Birth of the poet, his childhood and youth. History of Lutsevich family. Photos and biographical documents.

Starting literary activity, the first collection of poetry «Zhaleyka». Photos and work colleagues of Yanka Kupala - Yakub Kolas, Maxim Bogdanovich, Tetka, Sergey Poluyan.

Logoyschina - the cradle of creative poet St. Petersburg period of life and creativity. The interior of room, where Yanka Kupala lived in St. Petersburg in 1909-1913 years.

Yanka Kupala - Editor of «Nasha Niva». Vladislav Frantsevna Luchevich - wife of the poet, the founder and first director of the Museum of Yanka Kupala. Layout design of stage «Pavlinka» play directed by the National Academic Theatre of Yanka Kupala.

Yanka Kupala - playwright. The creator of the national theater. Stage life of his works. Photographs of scenes from plays, programs, posters productions of plays Kupala «Dream on the mound», «Eternal Song», «The local», «Pavlinka», «Ravaged Nest» in recent years.

Literary, cultural and social activities Kupala in 1917-1930 gg. The idea of ​​the independence of Belarus in the poet creation. Model of the Kupala house at st. October, 40, from 1927 to 1941 the poet lived with the family.

30-th years of the XX century and the Great Patriotic War in the life and work of the poet. Interior of poet's house at st. October, 40.

Reconstruction of Yanka Kupala cabinet. Personal items of Yanka Kupala. Photos of the house of the poet on the street October, which writer made ​​in 1936-1941 gg., which allow you to restore the atmosphere of present environment of poet.

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