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House-Museum of Marc Chagall

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Type: Art The exhibition: 2 Location: Vitebsk, Vitebsk region

House-Museum of Marc Chagall's created by Vitebsk City Council the decision in 1991 that time was opened Art Center Marc Chagall. In 1997 the artist in the family home has been finished and restoration of the exposition of the memorial house-museum of Marc Chagall. The museum is housed in three buildings of the demonstration area of 409 square meters of halls and includes two permanent and one temporary traveling exhibition. The total number of museum objects is 7290, of which the main fund is 6800, research and support is 490. Of cultural events in the museum annually Conference "International Chagall reading". Every year on July 7, the birthday of the artist is a holiday "At Mark and Bella". In the museum there is a printed, magnets, puzzles, cards, etc. with reproductions of works of Marc Chagall and images of the museum. Museum staff, studies of various issues Biography and Works by Marc Chagall. Research results and materials Chagall Readings published in the yearbook "Bulletin of the Museum of Marc Chagall" (published since 2000), as well as on the website of the museum.

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    1. Art Center Marc Chagall present a collection of works of Marc Chagall, the European avant-garde artists, contemporary artists. In the collection there are a series of illustrations for the poem, N.V. Gogol's "Dead Souls" (1923-1925), a series of color lithographs on the theme "The Bible", created in 1956 and 1960, the cycle of color lithographs, "the 12 tribes of Israel" (1960) and other works by Marc Chagall.
    2. House-Museum of Marc Chagall the museum displays objects of everyday life abroad XIX-XX centuries, as well as copies of archival documents and works of the artist, telling of Marc Chagall's life and the family of his parents in Vitebsk.

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    Address 210026, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk, str. Pokrovskaya, 11 GPS Google: 55.200561′ N, 55.200561′ E