Polotsk museum-apartment of Hero of the Soviet Union Z.M. Tusnolobova-Marchenko

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Museum-apartment of Hero of the Soviet Union Z.M. Tusnolobova-Marchenko was opened July 3, 1987 at the initiative of the Polotsk City Executive Committee and the Belarusian writer Vladimir Lipsky in one of the rooms of the house where she lived Zinaida Tusnolobova-Marchenko. Museum-apartment of Hero of the Soviet Union Z.M. Tusnolobova-Marchenko is part of the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve. The exposition of the museum has 165 exhibits, 110 of which are major fund. Exhibition area is 15 m2. Exhibition Complexes talk about childhood and adolescence Z.M. Tusnolobova-Marchenko, her participation in the battles of World War II, the treatment in the hospital number 3861, give an idea of family life and social work of the heroine.

The Great Patriotic War against Nazi invaders showed examples of mass heroism of the Soviet people. Among them was our compatriot - the Hero of the Soviet Union, Guards Senior Medical Service Zinaida Tusnolobova-Marchenko. The whole life of this heroic woman was overcome. Overcoming fear, she is fighting for their country, under the Voronezh and Kursk made under enemy fire 123 injured with a weapon. In February 1943, an attempt to save the company commander she was wounded and lost her arms and legs. Zinaida overcome despair and depression and still lives. Learned about it on the front. In the sky there were planes to its name, on the battlefield - the tanks, the tower of which was written, "For Zina Tusnolobova." Zinaida not to break under the blows of fate, by example, the evidence that human capabilities are not unlimited, if he wants it. She is one of the few women of the former Soviet Union, awarded Medal of F.Nightingale. It is named after the street, College of Medicine, Pioneer squad. Zinaida on the right is an honorary citizen of the city of Polotsk. The man from the legend called Zinaida in life, and so it has remained in the hearts of people. She remembered and revered.

Notes: The museum is closed.


exhibit of the museum include documents, photographs, personal effects and awards ZM Tusnolobova-Marchenko. Among the awards are the most interesting is the platinum Florence Nightingale Medal, awarded by the International Red Cross. SM Tusnolobova-Marchenko - one of the three women of the Soviet Union, which won the award.

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