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Museum of Contemporary Belarusian Statehood

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 6 Location: Minsk, Minsk region

Museum of modern belarusian statehood was created at the request of the President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko as a branch State Institution "National Historal Museum of the Republic Belarus". The grand opening of the museum took place on June 22, 2012. To visitors museum opened in August 2012. Scientific concept of exposure developed by leading experts of the National History Museum of the Republic Belarus, the scientists of the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences. The main idea of the Museum’s concept is the recognition of the national identity of Belarusian people and the sovereignty of the country Display area is 600 m2 halls. The museum has collected and scientifically processed about 4 thousand units, 800 of which are in five halls. Substantive part of the complete data products, which are supplied using multimedia technologies of the XXI century. and employs 1,609 texts, 674 film. The exhibition covers the period of the modern history of the Republic of Belarus 1990 to the present. Specific topics are devoted to the first presidential election, state symbols, the system of government. In exposure reflects the country's achievements in the fields of industry, agriculture, economy, education, science, medicine, culture, sports and international relationship. The museum presents the first decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus, materials of national referenda, the samples of state awards commemorative coins of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, the latest development of scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, awards and medals international exhibitions, awards and domestic producers processors of agricultural products. Considerable space is reserved issues of interaction between state and religion, cultural achievements, and sports. Exhibited prizes of international theater, music festivals, awards Belarusian athletes. After the opening of the museum his collection of more than replenished hundreds of exhibits. The exposition of the museum is constantly updated.

Visiting the museum for organized groups is by appointment, in consultation with the Security Service of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

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    Exposure - Museum of Contemporary Belarusian Statehood

    1. Introductory hall includes 36 exhibits that provide information about the modern Republic of Belarus, the main attractions of Belarus and Minsk (10 models of architectural monuments and sites of urban development, reconstructed or constructed during the years of independence) and urban heraldry of Belarus.
    2. Hall of statehood devoted to the events of the early and mid-1990s, the stages of formation of the independent Republic of Belarus, its political system, the first presidential election in 1994 Selected topics talk about the state symbols, heroes of Belarus, the system of public administration, awards, national currency, power bodies dealing national security. Altogether there are 318 exhibits.
    3. represented by 213 museum exhibits. dedicated to the development of the Belarusian science, industry, agriculture and health.
    4. there are 172 exhibits. Main topics of the hall - characteristic of the sphere of education, culture and media in Belarus, as well as achievements of Belarusian athletes.
    5. final room of the museum presented 114 exhibits. Revealed two major themes: the ethno-religious situation in the country and the international relations of the Republic of Belarus with the states and various organizations. Here are the Belarusian national clothes and towels, well as gifts presented to President of the Republic of Belarus.
    6. Conference hall designed for presentations, meetings (there is a possibility hang artwork on the perimeter of the hall), awards, negotiations, meetings (up to 20 people). In the presence of an interactive book of honorable guests and a large panel for the demonstration of multimedia products (presentations, audio, video, photo information).

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    Address 220016, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, K.Marx str., 38, porch 4 GPS Google: 53.900302′ N, 53.900302′ E