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Museum of history of theatre and music culture of Republic of Belarus

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Type: Musical The exhibition: 10 Location: Minsk, Minsk region

Museum of history of theatre and music culture of Republic of Belarus has been created in Minsk in 23th of March 1990. Originally it was located in a building on Starovilenskaya street, 14 (today it is branche of the museum - "Vladislav Golubok's parlour"). In 2001, the museum moved to a specially restored for him building at Music lane, 5 (former "House Masons"). The first exhibition - "The origins of theater and music culture on the territory of Belarus" - has opened its doors to visitors in 2002. In 2006, the exposition "The theatrical culture of Belarus XX century.", Which is dedicated to becoming a professional Belarusian theater during the XX century. In 2010, it opened its doors to the memorial room of the composer E. Glebov. There is a room devoted to the history of the Belarusian puppet theater. The museum was transferred to the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus as a branch in 2014. Display area halls of the museum is 362 m2. The total number of museum objects is 25 960 units, of which 23 458 general fund, auxiliary science in 2 502. There are 5 permanent and 1 temporary exhibition.

There are 10 collections in fund structure: "Musical Instruments" "Music manuscripts", "Documentaries" (personal documents, directing the development, performance texts with notes of performers), "Photos, pictures and negatives," "posters and programs," "Visual Materials" (set and costume designs, models of scenery, puppets, art portraits of theater and culture musical, sculptural images, sketches and drawings of Belarusian artists set designers), "Recordings", "Videos" (concerts, plays), "Rare prints", "memorabilia" (personal items Belarusian officials theater and music culture). The most important collection - "Fine Arts". Among the latest materials that were processed by: memorabilia, documentaries, photographs, rare printed editions: 1st edition of the drama Kupala "scattered nest", Vilnius 1919., 2nd edition pieces Y.Kupala "Pavlinka" Vilnius, 1927. "Cornflowers" Albert Pavlovich, Vilna, 1919., artist A. Kashkurevich's esklibrisy to Kupala's poem "Bandarovna" from the personal archives of theatre experts, doctors of arts A.V. Sobolev.

Photo - Museum of history of theatre and music culture of Republic of Belarus

    Exposure - Museum of history of theatre and music culture of Republic of Belarus

    1. The origins of theatrical and musical culture on the Belarusian land Exposition is located in two rooms on the first floor of the museum. It shows musical instruments (self-sounding, string, wind, membrane, etc.), items, accessories folk festivals and ceremonies, archaeological findings with the image of musical instruments, fragments Radziwill Chronicle illustrated by representations of buffoons, violin, tambourine, accordion, cimbalom Activities of the Belarusian People's Theatre "Batleika" in a separate room, where various kinds of it (Vitebsk goon Yaselka, Mogilev Batleika).
    2. Belarusian musical culture of the ХХth century. presented musical manuscripts of works of Belarusian composers, musical instruments, memorabilia leaders of the Belarusian musical culture, costumes, posters and programs of performances, paintings and sculptural portraits of Belarusian composers, photographs and other materials on the history of the musical culture of Belarus from the creators of musical groups of the early ХХth century, composers U.Terovsky, A. Bogatyrev, A.Turankov, R.Pukst, M.Churkin to the work of contemporary music ensembles. Exposition on both a concert, in it you can directly enter the world of live music.
    3. Musical and theatrical culture X-XIXst. exhibition dedicated to the development of the largest Christian music (Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Uniate, Protestant), and non-Christian (Judaism and Islam) religions that existed on the territory of Belarus, as well as school activities and aristocratic theatres. Features original characters nevmennoy notation, the first manuscript collections of psalms, page collection of secular music "Polotsk notebook" in the middle of the XVII. Presents a schematic map of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania XVII-XVIII centuries, which marked the city, which housed the school theater, school theater scene layout, copy prints of the artist M. Zhukovsky to works Frantishka Urshula Radziwill, copies of musical manuscripts Y.Golland, dolsl characters of the play F.U. Radziwill "Witty love."
    4. exhibition hall devoted to creativity of two prominent figures of the XIX century. - Vincent Dunin-Martsinkevich (1808-1884), poet, playwright, theater director and Stanislav Moniushko (1819-1872), Belarusian and Polish composer, conductor and teacher.
    5. Theatrical culture of Belarus of XXth century. history of the formation of the Belarusian professional theater in the twentieth century. displayed through the most important events, performances, historical documents, posters, programs, and photos related to the activities of the National Academic Theater named after Yanka Kupala National Academic Drama Theater named Ya.Kolas, National Academic Drama Theater named after M. Gorky, the Belarusian National Theatre for Young spectator, the Belarusian State Puppet Theatre and other Belarusian theatres.
    6. ”Belarusian puppet Theatre of ХХth century” visitors may find themselves in a fantastic environment, see the heroes of popular performances, learn about the kinds of dolls and try yourself in the role of actor-puppeteer.
    7. memorial room devoted to the work of people's artist of the USSR and Belarus, actress Belarusian National Academic Yanka Kupala Theatre S.M. Stanyuta (1905-2000).
    8. memorial room devoted to the work of L.P. Alexanderovskaya (1904-1980) - people's artist of the USSR and Belarus, singer, director, social activist, actress of the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet, the singer leading roles in the classical and the national repertoire.
    9. memorial room devoted to the work of people's artist of the USSR and Belarus, the belarusian actor of the National Academic Yanka Kupala Theatre N.N. Eremenko (1926-2000).
    10. memorial room devoted to the work of the teacher, composer, social activist, People's Artist of Belarus (1973), people's artist of the USSR (1984), winner of the State Prize of Belarus (1970) E.A. Glebov (1929 - 2000). The programs, posters, greeting address, musical manuscripts, books, music tools - guitar, harmonica which played music composer. The interior decor of the memorial office close to the one in which the composer worked.

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    Address 220030, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Music lane, 5. GPS Google: 53.905198′ N, 53.905198′ E