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art Brest second half of XX - beginning of XXI century exhibition chronologically covers the entire period of the Brest regional branch of the Union of Artists of Belarus and allows us to represent the path of development of fine arts Brest second half of the twentieth and early twenty-first century.

AI work of Fetisova A.I. open exposure of Brest artist Anastasia Fetisova series "Secrets of the Old City" with the kinds of birch bark, portraits of political and public figures of the Middle Ages ("Black Radziwill," "Astafyev Valovich", "Lev Sapieha"). In the same room is exhibited model of the city of Brest XVII-XVIII centuries, performed by students of Brest Polytechnic College project AI Fetisova.

work of Belarusian painters works by Belarusian artists devoted to the Great Patriotic War. Among them is the picture of the heroic defense of the Brest Fortress.

Daneliya P.A. ”The Storm anxiety” three rooms devoted to painting and sculpture. Here are the works of the artists of the Brest region, many of which are acknowledged masters not only at home but also abroad. This P.A. Daneliya, N.D. Churabo, I.J. Fetisov, E.S. Kufko. Concludes this section of the exhibition of young artists creative quest.

Alimov L.B. ”Born in the mask” graphic art is the exposure of the two halls. The pride of the collection are works P.Yu.Tatarnikova, GI Vyalya, academician of the Academy of Fine Arts, Graphic Belarus L.B. Alimov. Exhibited self-portrait "Born in the mask" (1992), L.B. Alimov for which he was awarded the International Biographical Centre (Cambridge, UK) the title "Man of the Year in the arts."

the art of professional craftsmen: AF Gurschenkovoy, S.V. Vyal, D.N. Vymorkovoy, N.E. Krivitskaya, V.I. Logvina, spouses Ryabov, V.I. Marchuk, M.B. Knyazevoy, artist and jeweler N.P. Kuzmich, who recreated the lost during the war relic of the Belarusian people - the Cross of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk.

folk art creation is weaving and embroidery, pottery, straw and basket weaving, painting on wood and glass, art processing wood, works of amateur artists. Attracted the attention of visitors unique works Award Winners of the President of the Republic of Belarus "For Spiritual Revival" Craftsmen I.F. Suprunchik and NV Tarasyuk, known in the country masters Straw V.I. Gavriliouk, artists Y.P. Sergienko, P.S. Myslivec, A.V. Iwashko and others.

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