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Slutsk ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 11 Location: Slutsk, Minsk region

Slutsk ethnographic museum was founded in September 1952, is open to visitors 7 November 1952 The museum contains monuments of material and spiritual culture, linked to the history and nature of the region. Operate a showroom and 6 exhibition caught, library, archive. The exposition of the museum tells the story of the Slutsk region from ancient times to the present. The total number of museum objects is 40,415, of which 30,210 museum objects onovnom fund, 10205 auxiliary science. Slutsk ethnographic museum includes a branch: Museum of ethnography and Art Gallery.

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    Exposure - Slutsk ethnographic museum

    1. exposure collections of archeology, documents, photo documents, "Glass. Porcelain", Numismatics, which demonstrate Slutchina history from ancient times to the present.
    2. ”History of Slutsk principality”
    3. ”Native nature”
    4. ”Life citizens XIX - early XX centuries”
    5. ”The oldest school of Belarus - Slutsk gymnasium” documents and materials about Slutsk gymnasium and its famous graduates - V. Tserasski astronomer, founder of one of the branches of medicine A. Krassovski, constructor in the field of rocketry S. Kosberg, etc.
    6. ”Land in the Great Patriotic War”
    7. ”Space and Slutchina”
    8. ”Slutchina sporting”
    9. Archeology women's jewelry, unique chess pieces made ​​of bone and wood, crockery XII-XIII centuries.
    10. ”Life and activities of peasants Slutsk сounty XIX - early XX century” Exhibition includes costumes, household items, products of local masters of weaving, weaving and woodworking.
    11. Art gallery exhibitions of paintings and drawings by modern Belarusian and foreign artists.

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    Address 223610, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Slutsk, Lenin st., 171 GPS Google: 53.023806′ N, 53.023806′ E