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The historical-cultural museum-reserve «Nesvizh»

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Type: Historical Location: Nesvizh, Minsk region

The National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve «Nesvizh» was created in 1993. Museum collection began to take shape in 1996 In 2001, the balance Museum was transferred to the Palace ensemble. In 2012, restoration work was completed in the Palace complex. July 20, 2012 was the grand opening of the Palace ensemble. Since 2010, the open-air museum headed by Candidate of Historical Sciences SM Klimov. the balance of the museum are the following objects: "The palace and park ensemble", Jesuit monastery complex XVI - XVII centuries, Church of Corpus Christi, the ensemble of the town hall with a shopping arcade in the XVI., Slutskaya pomfret second half of the XVI century., coaching courtyard of the XIX century. Museum-Reserve is a 15-minute museum buildings with a total area of halls demonstrative 3250.4 m2. 44 permanent and 2 temporary traveling museum exhibition includes 24,414 items, of which the 5802 general fund and 18612 - scientific support. The Museum-Reserve allocated different departments and sectors. Scientific stock department, which includes a collection of weapons, archeology, numismatics, fine art, furniture, and so on. The Division has been studying the museum objects and ensures their safety against damage and theft. Permament exhibition department creates and updates exposures Museum, as well as the organization of exhibitions. Scientific and Educational Department coordinates the scientific activities of the museum-reserve, conducts methodological work, oversees the publishing. Department of excursions, marketing and public relations creates a modern image of the museum-reserve, is expanding its audience. Restoration department is engaged in restoration of valuable objects for further preservation and exhibition. Sector for Scientific and excursion work "Palace ensemble" conducts sightseeing tours of the palace, is studying the history of Radziwill. Sector for Scientific excursion paper "Town Hall" conducts sightseeing tours in the town hall, as well as exploring the history Nesvizha.

The museum-reserve held cultural events, including museum classes and lectures for students on the basis of displays and temporary exhibitions of the museum. Once a year, the event takes place, "Night of Museums" with theatrical performances and concerts that are linked thematically with the exposition. Once a year, the opera and ballet performances, gala-concert "Evening of Opera in the Castle Radziwill." Once a quarter excursions animation - guided performance elements to attract a diverse group of visitors and musical events in the theater hall. The museum has more than 50 groups of souvenirs, some 100 items of goods, including books, magnets, greeting cards, bags, diaries, pens, key chains, wood, metal and ceramics, corporate chocolate. The research work carried out in the museum, aimed at organizing conferences and seminars, the study of the history of the city and the type of Radzivilov Nesvizha, writing research papers, research collections.

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    Address 222603, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Nesvizh,Leninskaya str., 16 GPS Google: 53.221280′ N, 53.221280′ E