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Type: Local History The exhibition: 8 Location: Vileika, Minsk region

Vileika Museum was established by the decree of the Central Committee of the PBC on July 30, 1982, the first exhibition was created in 1985, on May 7 this year, the museum opened its doors to visitors. Vileika Museum is located in a building which is a monument of the civil architecture of the early twentieth century. The total number of objects in the museum's 2010 totaled 24,092 units.

Expositions reflect the history and culture of Vileika region from ancient times until the second half of the twentieth century. Museum preserves archaeological excavations of settlements VI millennium BC and burial mounds and millennium The museum exhibits: Numismatic Collection, including coin treasures XVII century collection of documents from the church archives, objects of ethnography. Among the rarities are allocated treasure silicon knives Neolithic temple rings, jewelry X-XII a., telescope and iron core of Napoleon's army, badge Vileika assistant city mayor 1892. The exhibition contains works by the artist Ivan Zankovich, master Peter Straw Cooking, woodcarving masters Vladimir Subach.

Based Vileika museum works studio Vileika folk rituals and traditions "Landscape" - the national amateur team. Studio conducts ethnographic expedition in collecting folk ritual and festive songs write legends Vileyschiny collects household items, weaving. Participants in the studio, who visited dozens of villages Vileika District recorded a large number of wedding, midsummer, Peter, spring, Fall et al. songs that they sang for centuries our ancestors. Based on the findings of the collective studio Vileika museum has been developed and successfully the rite Vileika traditional wedding "Kiss - in Belarusian."

In 1997, according to the decision Vileika executive committee in a separate building open showroom named Nicodemus Silivanovich (1834-1919), Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, painting, native Vileyschiny. Almost every month there opens new exhibition: artists, craftsmen, exhibitions from the collections of various museums. The exhibition hall is constantly exhibited copy of a picture of Nicodemus Silivanovich "Soldier with a Boy" (1866), the original of the National Art Museum of Belarus.

Vileika museum organized the project "Historical puteshestvinichki" which takes place in the form of training games for kindergarten and elementary school students and in the form of lectures, classes for high school students. His main goal: through entertainment games throughout the year to introduce and give an introduction to the Belarusian culture, traditions and rituals, arts and crafts, the Belarusian folklore.

ART-Vileika project was developed as a cultural and educational project of the modern Belarusian art. During the year, every Saturday of the month are lectures to a wide range of visitors facilities exhibitions in the question about contemporary visual art in Belarus (contemporary photography, painting, performances, animation, etc.). in an accessible and interesting for both spectators form.

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    Exposure - Vileika ethnographic museum

    1. Belarusian House exposure characterizes national life, arts and crafts Vileyka edges are household items, icons, folk costumes.
    2. Vilia first settlements in the territory of Vileika, rafting fishing excavated material in the basin Vilia, treasures, manuscripts, sculpture.
    3. Count Tyszkiewicz Constantine and his journey history of living and traveling archaeologist and historian K. Tyszkiewicz, materials expeditions on the river Neris, travel card, the book "Vilia and its banks", documents, manuscripts, finds.
    4. Folk Art of Vileika pottery, straw, rod, creating musical instruments, the processing of hides and wool, blacksmithing.
    5. School and shop 2 exposure on urban life in Vileyka, the school of the twentieth century - furniture, desks, archival documents, photos, shop - shop Jew early twentieth century, the collection of samovars and household demand of citizens.
    6. Famous Neighbors of Vileika known in Belarus and abroad natives Vileyka District - N. Silivanovich - mosaics by St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, I. Hotko - a poet, a friend of Adam Mickiewicz, P. Orlik - Hetman of Ukraine, the author of the first constitution of the country, A. Gurinovich - poet-democrat, A. Novik - poetess, A. Alperovitch - artist, student of Repin.
    7. Exhibitions about 12 exhibitions a year - art, weapons, ethnography, sculpture and photography exhibitions.
    8. Suffering. Wars in Vileika region I and World War II in the life of the people, the October Revolution of 1917, the Civil War of 1918-1920, the guerrilla movement during the Great Patriotic War.

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    Address 220410, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Vilejka, Svobody sq., 1 GPS Google: 54.496135′ N, 54.496135′ E