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Volozhin ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 7 Location: Volozhin, Minsk region

The working group on Volozhin museum was established in 1997, it carried out work collection of objects of museum value associated with the history of Volozhin district. Museum was founded in 2000. For visitors museum opened in February 2010. At the moment the museum halls demonstration area is 282 m2, the total number of museum museum items 5,625 exhibits, including general fund 2,424, research and the auxiliary 3,201. Among the exhibits gramophone 1,952 release exhibits. scales with a set of weights, dating from 1899, the prayer of the late XIX century, as well as literary and scientific journal "Spikes", published in Vilnius in 1937. The museum is constantly updated with new items in the course of scientific expeditions staff and by local people.

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    Exposure - Volozhin ethnographic museum

    1. Archeology. Volozhin ancient tools, jewelry, pottery fragments from the gloss and towns in Volozhin district.
    2. Clothing. Shoes. Weaving items of women's and men's clothing, footwear, hand-made fabrics, skirts, blouses, dresses, shirts, belts, towels.
    3. Documentation of Volozhin documents of the beginning of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. of life for residents of Volozhin district, the oldest document is dated 1801.
    4. Print prints the first half of the twentieth century.
    5. Coins and money coins and paper money of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
    6. Ethnography Volozhin District tools to be used on Volozhin, wrought ironwork.
    7. Volozhin in photos pictures of Volozhin, townships Volozhin district, famous people, partisans.

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    Address 222357, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Volozhin, M.Gorky st., 9 GPS Google: 54.089943′ N, 54.089943′ E