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Svisloch historical- ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 8 Location: Svisloch, Grodno region

Svisloch historical- ethnographic museum is located in one of the city's oldest buildings, built in 1907, it was originally a tavern, after the Second World War the building was taken by the farm, hotel , a music school. In 12th of April 1976 Svislach opened Svisloch historical- ethnographic museum. The exhibition began work in august 1979. The first director of the museum from 1976 to 1980. Eugene was E.F.Kushalevich.

total area of ​​297 m2 museum, the exhibition area is 189 m2 exhibition area - 40 m2 storage facility - 19 m2. The total number of museum objects 11699 units. The number of exhibits of the main fund is 7,5 thousand units, auxiliary science - more than 4 thousand units. Exposition hall are 3 and 1 temporary exhibition.

The museum has organized exhibitions on various subjects, thematic lectures ("Belarusian folk traditions, festivals and rituals", "Belarusian folk weaving", "towel in everyday life and rituals of Belarusians", "Their names are named streets of the city" "Svisloch - the ancient Belarusian town", "Svisloch during the Great Patriotic war," "Victor Kalinovski: pages of Life," "Monuments of the glory", "Women in the soldiers' coats"), museum and educational sessions: "The history of pottery in the Svislochchina","Journey to the Past".

Exposure - Svisloch historical- ethnographic museum

  1. ”Great Patriotic War” The exhibition features photographs, documents, objects, weapons of Great Patriotic War.
  2. ”Svisloch Fair” exhibition dedicated to the tradition of cultural life Svislochi during the festive trading.
  3. Military and Historical devoted to military action, which took place on the territory of the region in different periods of history: the War of 1812, the revolt of 1863-1864, the First World War. Topics Revealed photos, documents, objects, weapons at the time.
  4. Bialowieza Forest exposition reflects the nature, fauna and flora of the Bialowieza Forest, exhibited a stuffed animal and birds.
  5. Аrcheology exhibits found in the district stone tools: scrapers, hand axes, hatchets, matygi; casts iron tools and pottery.
  6. Temporary exhibition working since august 2009. Each month, the museum visitors are familiar with the new show.
  7. Events and people devoted to the history of the genus Tyshkevichs. Exhibited Svislochi layout of the XVIII - early XIX century, reconstructed Vincent Tyshkevich with "friendly yard", "high school", "theater", "zoo", "park", "trade area."
  8. Documents The hall presented documents and materials on one of the first schools in Belarus - Svislochskiy school, which was opened in 1805 and the means by Earl Vincent Tyshkevich. Famous graduates of the school: Napoleon Orda, Victor Geltman, Osip Kovalevski, Jozef Kraszewski, Romuald Traugut, caste Kalinovski et al.

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Location map - Svisloch historical- ethnographic museum

Address 231960, Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Svisloch, Lenin str., 8 GPS Google: 53.034591′ N, 53.034591′ E