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Dyatlovo state historical- ethnographic museum

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 7 Location: Dyatlovo, Grodno region

August 29, 1966 in accordance with the decision of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee based Dyatlovo state historical- ethnographic museum. The museum organizes regular exhibitions of folk and professional artists. Systematically themed excursions, meetings with the participants of the Great Patriotic War, artists and other cultural events. In 1984 it completed the creation of a new exhibition. Now she is 8 halls with a total area of 284 square meters. m, of which 48 sq.m. allocated for temporary exhibitions. Funds of the museum includes exhibits of the main 13460 and 2832 exhibits scientific support fund. Continuing an exhibition of artistic ceramics member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Belarus Nikolai Lavrent'evich Nesterevskogo. A variety of tastes, original techniques and ways of working with clay is allowed to create a unique master ceramic compositions. Visitors can see the shapes of people, animals, vases of various shapes and volumes, masks, reflecting different feelings. M.L.Nestsyarevski - one of the authors of decorative ceramic layers that adorn Metro station "Yakub Kolas" in Minsk. The exhibition presents the first products of these layers. In 2006 the museum acquired the status of a legal entity and the cultural institutions "Diatlovo State History Museum". In the museum you can buy souvenirs and take pictures.

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    1. «History of the region from the Stone Age to the ХХ centuries». revealed history of the region from the Stone Age to the middle of the XIX century are exhibited stone tools and weapons of prehistoric man, the remains of animals that were hunted by our ancestors. Exhibits archaeological finds of the Mesolithic and Neolithic, canoe XVI century diorama village Dyatlovo and objects of different religious denominations of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
    2. «The national-liberation movement in Western Belarus in 1920-1930 years». are underground newspapers, banners, flyers, brochures, documents, photographs, personal belongings and IPPC members of the Communist Youth League of Western Belarus. With Dyatlovschinoy related activities Sergei Pritytskogo Khoruzhey, Maxim Tank Belarusian and other prominent figures.
    3. «The material culture of the inhabitants of our land since the late of XIX to early XX centuries». visitors are introduced to the material culture of the region late XIX - early XX century. Here are the products of local craftsmen, tools, farmers, ranchers, and artisans, samples of art weaving, pottery and carpentry, items of folk life.
    4. «Liberation battles at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War». display documents, photographs and personal belongings of participants defensive fighting on the Shchara in June 1941, the Soviet soldiers who died in the defense of Dyatlov, countrymen - the defenders of Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad. Includes photographs, weapons, household goods, personal effects and awards guerrillas. The museum is wide open topic Dyatlova release. Numerous documents, photographs and other materials reflect the exposure period when the war-shattered economy.
    5. «The partisan movement in Dzyatlava area». Disclosed the theme of deployment of partisan movement in Dyatlovo land. Creation of the first partisan units. The activities of Dyatlovo underground workers. Creation of an underground anti-fascist Dyatlovo committee.
    6. «Liberation of Dyatlovo land. Soldiers of Victory». Reveals theme of the of liberation of Dyatlovo district by 169th Infantry Division under the command of Lieutenant colonel P. Katchura. The story of our fellow countrymen - soldiers of the Polish Army. The stand is dedicated to rebuilding the economy and restoring a peaceful life.
    7. «Artistic ceramics of the member of the Artists` Union of the Republic of Belarus N. L. Nesterevskogo». A permanent exhibition which presents works of Belarusian artist-ceramist N. L. Nesterevskogo.

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    Address 231471, Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Dyatlovo, Pervomayskaya st., 12 GPS Google: 53.462207′ N, 53.462207′ E