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Type: Local History The exhibition: 13 Location: Turau, Gomel region

Turov ethnographic museum was founded in 1927 on the basis of school section of history and nature. The founder and first director of the museum was a geography teacher Maxim Emelianovich Bruj. Active participation in the creation of the museum took home the People's librarian Parfen Antonovich Schekotovich. The museum's collection, gathered before the war, included 2000 subjects of archeology, ethnography and life, manuscripts and printed editions. During the Great Patriotic War Museum collection has been completely destroyed. After the end of the war until December 1949 a new museum collection was collected and exhibited in a private house PA Schekotovicha. Polesski Executive Committee decision of 1949 Turovi museum was reopened in 1950. At the initiative of the museum in 1961 at an archaeological site Turow conducted the first large-scale archaeological research Turov detachment of the USSR. The excavations in the ancient city was discovered in 1963 the foundation of the medieval brick church. Currently, the foundation of the church of the XII century is the central exhibit of historical and archaeological complex "Ancient Tour." In July 1963, the museum is a branch of the Gomel Regional Museum. In 1965, the museum was transferred to the balance Zhitkovichy regional department of culture. Contemporary museum collection includes 20, 072 items, of which 11, 726 units of fixed assets (archaeological and ethnographic objects, documents, etc.), 8, 346 units of scientific support fund. Museum has five exposure and one showroom: Antiquities, Ethnography of the Great Patriotic War and nature.

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    1. Hall of antiquities finds Neolithic, Iron Age, Early Middle Ages: stone and flint tools, pottery, iron, bone carving craft.
    2. Hall of ethnography items characterized material culture of the Belarusian Polessye XIX - early ХХ centuries.: basket weaving, straw, clothing, household items, tools for fishing, weaving.
    3. Hall of the Great Patriotic War includes photographs and documents by section 18 th border detachment, the guerrilla movement, Liberation of Turov, soldiers-countrymen in the Great Patriotic War.
    4. Hall of nature acquaints with flora and fauna the Belarusian Polessye.
    5. Painting collection consists of 97 units: the artists of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, the participants "Turov plener."
    6. Arts and crafts collection includes 462 exhibits.
    7. collection presented 1050 museum pieces.
    8. collection coins of different periods.
    9. collection awards, badges, medals, medals.
    10. collection examples of folk clothing, towels, etc.
    11. collection exhibited objects of ethnography and life.
    12. collection photos and photographs reflecting the history of the region.
    13. collection printed publications, newspapers, leaflets and books.

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    Address 247980, Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Zhitkovichi district, Turov, Kirov st., 21 GPS Google: 52.067593′ N, 52.067593′ E