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Svetlogorskij Museum of Local History

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 9 Location: Svetlogorsk, Gomel region

Svetlogorskij Museum of Local History became a state institution November 5, 1979 as the "Museum of the City". February 1, 2010 the museum was renamed in public cultural institution "Svetlogorskij museum of local history". The main mission of the museum - to collect, study, preserve and promote the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the inhabitants Svetlahorsk district. On the first floor in the halls widely on the topics of nature and ecology, archeology and ethnography of the Great Patriotic War. The exhibition tells the story of the second floor of the development of industrial, socio-economic formation Svetlogorschiny at the present stage, affects the Soviet period, reveals the theme of international soldiers. Museum staff conduct survey and thematic excursions, museum activities, events, participate in promotions. The work covers all ages. In February 2010 when Svetlagorsk historical museum opened a club of friends of the museum "Neutral." In March 2007 in agro city of Ćirković was opened branch of Svetlogorskij Museum of Local History, through which intensified cultural and educational work in the countryside. Branch located at Sovetskaya st., 100 and works with 9.00-18.00 with a lunch break from 13.00 to 14.00 (weekend: Sunday, Monday). For pupils of rural schools themed events, exhibitions, guided tours. In addition, the students themselves are often involved in the life of the museum. The museum is housed in two buildings of the museum halls demonstration area 490.6 square meters and accommodates eight permanent exhibitions. The total number of museum objects is 12696, of which the main fund - 6695, research and support - 6036.

Of cultural events at the museum with permanent thematic lessons for pupils, which include games, quizzes, lectures with video presentation, demonstration films. Every year in May is hosting an international event "Night of Museums", and in June - a holiday for children "Young citizens Shining City" with a straight edge with a solemn flag raising, delivery of memorable icons. Compulsory attendance at the festival honored residents, military personnel, representatives of the city government. The festive atmosphere is complemented by music room. At the museum's gift shop.

Museum staff plan the research work on the basis of the available material, developing new forms and methods of work: the study of the collection of traditional women's and men's clothing (shirt, apron, pants, Andarak, headpiece) of the funds Svetlahorsk History Museum. Publication of the booklet "The traditional attire Svetlagorshchyny: tailoring, embroidery, stitching", the study of the scientific heritage of the historian and ethnographer Sergei Nesterovich Pracha, digitizing handwritten archive stored in the museum, search for new archival materials, preparation and carrying out an ethnographic expedition to collect traditional household items , clothing, fabrics, tools and accessories. In parallel with the collection of artifacts to collect the Intangible Cultural Heritage (village Marmovichi, village Karpovich, village Yak.Sloboda, village Strakovichi of Svetlahorsk district). Work is also underway to study and evaluate the modern rite "Paraskeva", held in the village Ćirković Svetlahorsk district.

Note: the third Tuesday of the month free day to visit the permanent exhibition of the museum (for all categories of visitors). This does not apply to other non-recurring fee-based services of the museum (the organization and holding of exhibitions, the museum holding events and activities).

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    Exposure - Svetlogorskij Museum of Local History

    1. ”In the lap of nature” hall is decorated fotoproektsiyami season of the year, in exhibition features stuffed animals, birds, herbaria.
    2. ”The origins of culture” archaeological excavation materials Svetlahorsk area (village Krasnovka, Neolithic, Bronze Age; village Prudok, Iron Age X-XIII centuries; village Royal Sloboda - in place of the medieval city of Kazimierz, XVII centuries; Shatilinsky Island, VI-XVII centuries). Reconstruction of the vertical loom VI - IX centuries, Reconstruction clothing gorozhanki XI-XII centuries.
    3. ”Ethnographic portrait Svetlahorsk edge” hall is decorated like a village street with a fragment of the Belarusian hut, objects of peasant life. Collection of documentary photographs on the topics of family Leo and the first Russian ambassador to Japan Joseph Antonovich Gashkevicha.
    4. ”At the turn of the eras” interior end of the XIX century - 30-ies. XX century; рhotodocuments revolutionary events, the period of collectivization and political repression. The collections of coins, bonistics.
    5. ”The war years” exhibited military equipment and paraphernalia, weapons and ammunition, military uniforms, the remains of warships, front letters, personal belongings P.I. Batova, photographs, documents, collection faleristics.
    6. ”Shatilkovskaya Shipyard” photographs and documents of Shatilkovskoy shipyard late 40-50's XX centuries.
    7. ”Afghanistan” photographs and documents of international soldiers, military equipment the soldiers of the Soviet Army, faleristics, military equipment and paraphernalia
    8. ”Honorary Citizens Svetlogorsk” awards, photographs and documents of honorary citizens Svetlogorsk, head of the city and district, a collection of vexillology.
    9. Industrial enterprises Svetlogorsk Vasilevichi Hydroelectric Power Plant, "Building Trust № 20", OJSC "Svetlogorskij DSK", OJSC "SvetlogorskHimvolokno", "Belorusneft", OJSC "Svetlogorskij the Central Control Commission". Vexillology the collections, photographs, and documents on the history of the construction and development of industrial enterprises, product samples of core enterprises, flags and pennants of the Soviet era, furniture and office supplies 50-60-ies Twentieth centuries.

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    Address 247434, Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Svetlogorsk, Zelenaya st., 1 GPS Google: 52.629434′ N, 52.629434′ E