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Historical-memorial museum «Pamyat»

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 4 Location: Gomel region

Historical and Memorial Museum "Pamyat" set in a former country club, built in 1947. The founder of the museum was Nicholas Buryak, who came to the village in 1958. Historian, ethnographer, a veteran of World War II Nicholas Buryak began working as a history teacher in a rural school. He had a great desire to create a museum and talk about the amazing people of Rechitskoye edge. In 1986, he founded the museum, which was officially opened in 1991. Most of the exhibits presented photos, documents, archival documents, objects Belarusian ethnography residents Rechitskiy edge. The main fund of the museum consists of the 6,816 items, including general fund - 4423, research and support has 2393. All items are placed in the building of the demonstration area of ​​246 m2 and are presented in 4 permanent collections.

Exposure - Historical-memorial museum «Pamyat»

  1. ”The village Rivne Sloboda and the development of its economy” introduces archival documents about the history of the village, collective name Derzhinskogo, the first collective farms and their leaders, teachers, Heroes of the Soviet Union liberated the village in the Great Patriotic War, soldiers-internationalists, and the founder of the museum.
  2. ”War and the heroic labor of the inhabitants of the village council Rovenskoslobodskogo” introduces the names of the inhabitants of the village council Rovenskoslobodskogo aimed at the front, two families of patriots: the large family Vasil'tsov, where 10 children (four daughters and six sons) and his family secretly and patriotic groups, participants of the Great Patriotic War and the patriotic movement.
  3. ”The crime of German fascists in the Gomel region and Belarus” represented а German pictorial review, unique memories of the inhabitants of the village council of the destruction of villages, the capsules with the ashes of burnt towns of Gomel region, excerpts from documents denouncing fascism.
  4. ”Belarusian ethnography” incorporated elements of the Belarusian lodges, items used in agriculture, tools and equipment for processing of flax and wood working, weaving looms.

Schedule Historical-memorial museum «Pamyat»

Location map - Historical-memorial museum «Pamyat»

Address 247561, Рэспубліка Беларусь, Гомельская вобласць, Рэчыцкі раён, в. Ровенская Слабада, вул. Перамогі 10 «А» GPS Google: 52.228588′ N, 52.228588′ E