Glubokoe historical-ethnographic museum

Glubokoe historical-ethnographic museum
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Since ancient times collections of archeology and numismatics, reflecting the history of the Middle Ages the town Deep, dioramas "Piazza", "small-town churches," "Berezveche", found amulets, stone axes, pottery, silver Arab coins treasure IX-XI centuries.

Spiritual and cultural development of the region Glubokoye history of educational institutions, icons late XIX-early XX centuries., religious objects, paintings Drozdovich J. etс., part of an exhibition dedicated to the famous compatriots (Joseph Drazdovich, Ignat Buinitskii, Vaclav Lastouski).

Economic development of the area of the early twentieth century exhibit displays the development of agriculture, industry and trade of the last century, the hall is equipped with "cage", the Jewish Mercantile store - samovars, porcelain, gramophone, peasant barn - millstones, spring balance, stupa; diorama "Falvarak Ozertsy" end of XIX century.

Room of citizen interior showing living burghers of the early twentieth century - a dresser, sofa, piano, potefon, picture of Y. Drozdovich.

Blacksmithing interior showing rural blacksmith of the early twentieth century with a functional demonstration of exhibits.

Peasant hut interior showing a village, the first half of the twentieth century.

Room of intellectual showing daily life of the rural intelligentsia of the first half of the twentieth century (1908 woven carpet, furniture made ​​of twigs, furniture factory 20-30-ies., etc.).

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Administration 08:00 - 17:00 weekend Saturday, Sunday

Cash 08:00 - 18:00 without days off

Exposure 08:00 - 18:00 without days off

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211800, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Glubokoe, st. Engels, 24

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