Begoml museum of National Glory

Begoml museum of National Glory Begoml museum of National Glory Begoml museum of National Glory
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Local History

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”History of the region from ancient times to the beginning of the XX century. Ethnography” in his collection includes archaeological and life, ceramics, tools. In total there are 78 exhibits. The exhibition covers the major historical events that took place in the lands of the edge, about life in these areas through authentic museum objects (tools, clothing, furniture).

”The History of the Soviet people” has 23 exhibits, documents, prints, sculptures, paintings, which tell of the victory of the October Revolution and its participants - the natives of the area, the two interventions. The exhibition reflects the main event in the cultural life (20 years. Twentieth century.) of the country.

”Restoration and development of the national economy” its exposure (bonistic, documents, publications) introduces the difficulties of restoring the national economy, the heroes of the labor front, who worked on the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. Attention is paid to the development of culture and literature.

”The beginning and the major battles of the Great Patriotic War” includes a collection of 25 soybean exhibits of documents, things, awards and weapons at the time. The exhibition is devoted to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and participating in the defense of the Brest Fortress, the battles of Moscow, Stalingrad and Kursk. "Тhe formation of the Borisov-Begoml guerrilla zone" includes 152 exhibits (documents, prints, weapons, items), including a panorama of "The Underground Hospital, manta rays aircraft." The exhibition tells about the formation of the Borisov-Begoml guerrilla zone, life guerrilla activity Begoml airport with an underground hospital and the printing of the brigade "Zhelezniak." "Liberation area from invaders" in addition to 53 exhibits a diorama of "Crossing the Berezina," exhibits busts countrymen - Heroes of the Soviet Union, things and pictures of veterans 277 and 306 DM Dokšycy liberated area.

”Birth of the partisan movement in the area” has 86 items, among which the most valuable are the documents, things, sculpture, military equipment and weapon. The exhibition tells about the organization of the underground and the formation of partisan brigade "Zhelezniak" - its main operations in 1941-1942., Commissioner SS Mankoviche, brigade IF Titkova.

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Administration 09:00 - 17:00 weekend Sunday, Monday

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211730, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk., Dokshitssky district, Begoml, st., Sovetskaya, 17

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