International Festival of Early and Modern Chamber Music Zvani Safii

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The International Festival of Organ Music «Zvany Safi» annually takes place in Polotsk since 1996. The organizers of the festival are the Department of Culture of the Polotsk City Executive Committee and the organist of the concert hall St. Sophia Cathedral Ksenia Pogorelaya.

The site of the festival is traditionally an architectural monument of the XI century - the Polotsk Sophia Cathedral, built under prince Vseslav Charodee on the right bank of the western Dvina, as a symbol Equality with the Second Rome - Constantinople and rivalry with Kiev and Novgorod, where there were also cathedrals in honor of St. Sophia. During its existence, the temple was repeatedly destroyed: so during the Northern War 1700-1721) the building was used as a powder storehouse, which ultimately led to an explosion, after which the cathedral lay in ruins until the middle of the XVIII century. By 1750 on the site of St. Sophia Cathedral by architect Jan Glaubice was built two-tower basilica in the style of the Vilno Baroque, which was consecrated in honor of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. In 1911-1914, major repairs were carried out, and in 1924 the church was closed. During the German occupation from 1942 to July 1944, St. Sophia Cathedral was operational, and then was again closed. At the moment the St. Sophia Cathedral is part of Polotsk Historical and cultural museum-reserve. Guests of Polotsk can visit not only International festival of organ music «Zvany Safi», but also numerous Museums of the city: Museum of Belarusian Printing, Children's Museum, Museum of Traditional weaving of Poozerye, the Museum-Library of Simeon of Polotsk, etc. In addition to museums, you can see the unique shrines of the Belarusian land - the Cross and the relics of Saint Eurosinia, which are kept in the Monastery - an architectural monument of the XII century.

One of the main attractions of the temple is the organ - one of the best in Belarus. Traditionally, every year at the end of October, Polotsk receives organists from all over the world. So, last year the festival program consisted of seven concerts. The fest was opened by the leading Lithuanian Singer Asta Krikščiūnaitė and the famous organist Dalia Yatautaite. They performed Lithuanian classics of the XIX-XX centuries. And musical works of Western European Composers: I.S. Bach, V.A. Mozart, G. Fore, Sh.-M. Vidora. Also at the opening ceremony, the premiere of the work "Lux Aeterna" (Eternal Light) by American composer Morten Lauridsen performed by a musical chapel Sonorus. For the first time in Belarus, the performance of the Japanese organist Hiroko Inoue - laureate of international competitions, Soloist of the Kaliningrad Philharmonic. E. Svetlanov. Polotchans and guests of the city were pleased with the State Chamber Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus under the direction of Honored Artist of Russia Eugene Bushkova. The fest ended with the performance of the famous Polish musician Gedimin Grubba, who first spoke in Belarus.

Tours to the International Festival of Ancient and Modern Chamber Music "Zvany Safii"

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