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Legend about the mirror
Once, a long time ago, in the place of the Naroch lakes, there was a deaf, dense forest everywhere. In the forest cabin lived a forester with his daughter Galina. Galina was an amazing beauty with long blonde hair like flax and huge blue eyes. Having heard about the extraordinary beauty of the girl, the grooms came to woo her. She had many covenants in attendance, but everyone was refused because she loved Vasilka - a strong and kind guy

Once Vasilek presented Galina with a mirror, with the words: «Take care of it, it”s magic, it”s cast from spring sand grains. In its transparent depth you will be able to see your fate». When Galina peeked in the mirror and saw: a clear, clear sky, a lake the color of the sky, the waves boil steep and the seagull flying over the water. It was summer, nothing foreshadowed the trouble in love, and Galina did not understand anything from her vision. But summer has passed, autumn has come, and autumn has brought trouble.

Servants of a noble man in the district came to a forester’s hut and killed him, his daughter was captured and delivered to the owner. Galina cried and grieved, waiting for the help from her beloved. And help came: Vasilek entered the mansion, killed the hated noble man, but the guard woke up... Jumping on the horses, the lovers tried to escape from the chase, but could not. The young man sent Galina in the direction of her house, and he took the chase. A girl rushed on a horse to the place where her house was with her father, and she saw only ashes. In exhaustion, she sank to the ground and waited for her fiance.

A lot of time has passed, but the young men still had not come. And then Galina remembered about the mirror, looked into it and saw that the body of the murdered Vasilek lying on a hill, the faithful horse stands above it and the crows are circling. In horror, the girl dropped a mirror and where the silver fragments fell, the lakes sparkled: Naroch, Myastro, Batorino, Blednoe. Galina turned into a seagull. And in clear sunny weather, and in bad weather, the seagull is still circling over the lake, still screaming, still calling for her lover.

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