Cult places of four confessions in Belarus

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Religious constructions of all the major denominations have survived in Belarus. They can be visited both within the framework of usual excursions, and within the framework of religious tours. During these excursions you will be able to get acquainted with any of the major world religions: its history, traditions and rituals.

Shrine Features, relics Religion
St. Elisabeth Convent

Minsk, Vygotskogo str., 6

On the territory of the complex there are seven temples Orthodoxy Order excursion
Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

Minsk, Kirilla i Mephodiya str., 3

The relicts of Blessed Sofia Slutskaya, the icon of the Mother of God of Minsk Orthodoxy Order excursion
The Savior and St Euphrosyne Convent in Polotsk

Vitebsk region, Polock, Efrosinii Polotskoy str., 59

Relicts of Saint Eufrosiniya Polotskaya, cross of Eufrosiniya Polotskaya Orthodoxy Order excursion
Kolozhskaya (Borisoglebskaya) Church

Grodno, Rybatskaya str., 6/1

Icon of the Holy Mother of God Orthodoxy Order excursion
Holy Dormition Monastery Zhirovichi

Grodno region, Slonim district, Zhirovichi

Icon of Zhirovichi Mother of God Orthodoxy Order excursion
Church in honor of the icon of Belynichi Mother of god

Mogilev region, Belynichi, Sovetskaya str., 9

Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God of Belynichi Orthodoxy Order excursion
Uspensky monastery in Pustynki

Mogilev region, Mstislavl district, Pustynki

The healing spring-well, the face of Jesus Christ on one of the walls of the monastery Orthodoxy Order excursion
Blue well in Slavgorod

Mogilev region, Slavgorod district

A unique well that has medicinal properties Orthodoxy Order excursion
Church of Saints Simon and Helena (Red Church)

Minsk, Nezavisimosti sq.

A copy of the Shroud of Turin Catholicism Order excursion
Church of St. Anne in Mosar

Vitebsk region, Glubokoe district, Mosar village

Relicts of Saint Justin Catholicism Order excursion
Francis Xavier Church in Grodno

Grodno, Sovetskaya str., 4

Fresco painting of the middle of the XVIII century Catholicism Order excursion
Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary in Budslav

Vitebsk region, Budslav

Icon of the Mother of God of Budslav Catholicism Order excursion
Church of St. Andrew

Grodno region, Slonim, Lva Sapegi sq.

Wooden sculptures of the Apostles Peter and Paul Catholicism Order excursion
Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Minsk, Svobody sq., 9

Unique wall painting Catholicism Order excursion
Trinitarian monastery complex in Krivichi

Minsk region, Myadel district, Krivichi

Miraculous sculpture of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, relics of St. Andrew Bobola Catholicism Order excursion
Grodno Synagogue

Grodno, Bolshaya Troitskaya str., 59A

One of the oldest synagogues in Europe Judaism Order excursion
Synagogue of Minsk

Minsk, Kropotkina str. 22

Largest synagogue in the capital Judaism Order excursion
Synagogue in Borisov

Minsk region, Borisov, Lopatina str., 41

One of the oldest synagogues in Borisov Judaism Order excursion
Mosque of Minsk

Minsk, Griboedova str., 29

Largest mosque in Belarus Islam Order excursion
Tatar's mosque

Grodno region, Novogrudok

Oldest surviving mosque in Belarusи Islam Order excursion
Mosque of Ivie

Grodno region, Ivie, Sovetskaya str., 76

The only mosque that operated in Belarus during the Soviet era Islam Order excursion

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