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It is well known that appetite comes with eating, and where you can have a tasty meal, but in nature? Volleyball, horse riding, fishing or go to the forest, and most importantly, great dinner in the arbor with a barbecue or just a fire.
Unity with nature are contributing to improvement of the body, strengthen of the nervous system. In such circumstances, people will be able to escape from the urban bustle of the daily grind. In addition, arbors for rent can significantly save money on restaurant or cafe.

Belarusian Excursion Portal offers many options for outdoor recreation, with rental of arbors. Services of rental of arbors available on condition of booking tour across Belarus.

  • Rental of arbors

    Ski center «Silichi»

    Location: Logoisk, Minsk region

    Number: 23 wooden arbors

    Сapacity: from 4 to 25 people

    Rental price: from 50,00 BYN

    The center is one of the largest ski resorts in Belarus, which not only attracts lovers of winter sports, but also is a great place to rest at any time of the year.
    One of the arbors is located on the shores of beautiful forest lake, the second - surrounded by trees. All arbors are electrified. The rent includes brazier and firewood.
  • Rental of arbors

    Ski center «Logoisk»

    Location: Logoisk, Minsk region

    Number: 23 open and closed arbors

    Сapacity: from 12 to 60 people

    Rental price: from 50,00 BYN

    Modern ski resort - a real adrenaline paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.
    Center offers equipped barbecue arbors. The rent includes coal and a set of skewers to grill. Light and electricity is conducted to the arbors.
  • Rental of arbors

    Leisure park «Sun Valley»

    Location: Minsk

    Number: 4 arbors

    Сapacity: from 8 to 20 people.

    Rental price: from 40,00 BYN

    The park is located in a cozy place in Minsk on the river bank. It has everything for outdoor activities: in winter you can go skiing, snowboarding, sledding and horse, summer offers boats, catamarans, bicycles, roller skates and more.
    Arbors are located in a picturesque area on the bank of the river. The rental price includes brazier.
  • Rental of arbors

    Historical and cultural complex «Stalin Line»

    Location: village Loshani, Minsk district, Minsk region

    Number: 4 arbors

    Сapacity: from 8 to 12 arbors

    Rental price: from 25,00 BYN

    Complex «Stalin Line» – military history open air museum, which contains the most complete exposition of Belarus in all military vehicles, artillery, tanks, aircraft, small arms.
    Arbors are located in the «Slavic camp» where there chargrill area. The rental price includes braziers and skewers.
  • Rental of arbors

    Love island of the health resort «Yunost»

    Location: Zaslavsky water basin, Minsk region

    Number: 22 arbors

    Сapacity: from 6 to 60 people.

    Rental price: from 30,00 BYN

    Island of Love belongs to the territory of the health resort «Yunost». It offers wonderful views and a feeling of total serenity. This pleasant and romantic place is equipped with a resting area.
    Arbors are rented with braziers. The most arbors are electrified.
  • Rental of arbors

    Center of ecological tourism «Stankovo»

    Location: village Stankovo, Dzerzhinskii district, Minsk region

    Number: 18 open and closed arbors, 1 arbor in a tent

    Сapacity: from 6 to 90 people.

    Rental price: 25,00 - 350,00 BYN

    The ecotourism center offers its guests to visit the zoo with over 40 species of animals and birds; horse farm, where you can ride horseback, stagecoach or chaise; play area for children with attractions and much more.                 
    All arbors are equipped with braziers, in enclosed arbors is supplied with electricity. Next to the arbors on the territory of the zoo has a children's playground.
  • Rental of arbors

    Recreation center «Siabry»

    Location: village Semkovo, 9 km from Minsk

    Number: 5 small and 2 large arbors

    Сapacity: from 8 to 20 people

    Rental price: 75,00 - 400,00 BYN

    It is a peaceful and welcoming place where you can rest from the monotony of everyday life, relax by surrounded nature and enjoy the taste of dishes of different cuisines. Here everyone will find entertainment to your taste.                  
    Arbors of different capacity are located on the shore of a beautiful lake. All guests can enjoy free parking, barbecue, charcoal, skewers (included in the rent).
  • Rental of arbors

    Agroestate «Mir Pchel»

    Location: village Borok, Volozhin district, Minsk region

    Number: 1 arbor

    Сapacity: up to 60 people

    Rental price: 100,00 BYN/ hour (when renting for the amount of more than 30 people, additional payment is 5,00 BYN per person). When ordering tours to the estate, an arbor for a group is provided free of charge.

    The agroestate is a kind of eco-museum, where guests can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the «bee kingdom», learn all the subtleties of the production and collection of honey, and actively relax.                  
    You can enjoy delicious pancakes or try Belarusian national dishes in a spacious arbor near the pond with a fountain.
  • Rental of arbors

    Farmstead «Lesnoy cordon»

    Location: village Podielniki, Uzda district, Minsk region

    Number: 5 arbors

    Сapacity: from 10 to 100 человек

    Rental price: 10,00 - 18,00 BYN/hours

    Farmstead «Lesnoy cordon» - it is more than 4 hectares of well-kept territory located in the most beautiful place of Belarus at the source of the Neman River.                  
    There are four small arbors and one closed arbor with 100 seats and a dance floor for mass festivities. At the request of guests, it is possible to organize vocal or instrumental live music concerts. All arbors are equipped with braziers.
  • Rental of arbors

    Farmstead «Hanka»

    Location: village Epimakhi , Minsk district, Minsk region

    Number: 2 closed arbors

    Сapacity: from 10 to 70 people

    Rental price: from 150,00 BYN

    Farmstead «Hanka» - this is a cozy, picturesque farm with its own lake, which represents excellent opportunities for fishing. Here you can ride horses, play volleyball or explore local sights (an old tavern from the middle of the XIX century, «Maiden's Mountain» with burials from the IX-X centuries, etc.).
    Two closed arbors, located in the farmstead, equipped with braziers.
  • Rental of arbors

    Farmstead «Cony-Pony»

    Location: village Mikhalovo, Volozhinsky district, Minsk region

    Number: 2 arbors

    Сapacity: up to 8 and up to 50 people

    Rental price: 15 USD per person. Over 15 people - 10 USD per person

    This is a modern country farmstead with first-class service, where horseback riding is the main attraction: guests can take a ride around the neighborhood on the stage, in the cart or in a sleigh, and also treat the pony with sugar.                   
    Spacious arbor with 50 seats - an ideal place for organizing corporate meetings or special events. And for small companies, a closed arbor with a magnificent view of the surrounding area is suitable for 8 people.
  • Rental of arbors

    Country club «Festivalnyi»

    Location: farm Orlovschina, Volozhin district, Minsk region

    Number: 2 closed arbors, 2 summer terraces, covered tents

    Сapacity: arbors for 30 and 50 people, terraces for 20 and 400 people, tents for 40 and 50 people

    Rental price: from 15,00 BYN/hour per person

    Country Club is one of the largest venues on the event market in Belarus.                   
    Closed, heated arbors and a terraces (for 20 people) with barbecue zones are perfect for relaxing by large companies. A spacious summer terrace with up to 400 seats with a stage is a good option for a festive or corporate event.
  • Rental of arbors

    Museum of folk architecture and household activity «Strochitsi»

    Location: village Ozertso, Minsk district, Minsk region

    Number: 6 resting places without a shed with a table, 1 covered arbor with 40 seats

    Сapacity: 8-40 people

    Rental price: 7,00 - 42,00 BYN for 6 hours

    The open-air museum «Strochitsi» is a unique place in Belarus, where all types of home and public buildings of Belarus of past centuries are collected.                   
    Outdoor recreation places are not equipped braziers. When renting a arbor grill and barbecue grill are available.
  • Rental of arbors

    Berezinski Biosphere Reserve

    Location: Lepel district, Vitebsk region

    Number: 5 arbors

    Сapacity: up to 40 people

    Rental price: 5,00 - 10,00 BYN/hour per person

    This is the most beautiful and unique place, the national treasure and pride of Belarus for several years has attracted tourists who can have a great time here: rafting on the river, ecological paths, cycling, excursions.                  
    Here you can dine in nature in one of the comfortable arbors. All arbors are equipped with barbecue, electricity and light is supplied to it.
Services of rental of arbors available on condition of booking tour.

The rental price is provided for information only and may vary.

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