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Calendar of professional holidays

Belarusian excursion portal Ekskursii.by offers You a calendar of professional holidays. Here you can find not only the date of the celebration, but perhaps the idea to organize an unusual and memorable corporate events.


Winter - is the time the holidays, sledging and frosty evenings, and all agree that this time of the year has its irreplaceable charm. In winter especially want to believe in miracles, and maybe even perform cherished desire. The highlight of the celebrations can be an excursion to Ded Moroz in Belovezhskaya pusha.


First Saturday of December — The Day of insurance workers
The first Sunday of December — Lawyer's Day
December 17 — Day of Belarusian Cinema
December 20 — time employees of the state security
December 22 — Day of Energy workers


January 5 — The Day of Social Protection
The first Sunday of January - The Day of the banking and financial workers
January 19 — Rescuer's  day
January 21 — Engineering Troops Day


February 21 — Day of land management and cartographic and geodetic service


Spring heyday, beauty and awakening and draws a deep breath, feel the warm touch of the sun rays to the skin and eat succulent kebabs in nature. Anyone who observes professional holiday of spring, like the proposal to hold corporate event on Manor in gazebos.


March 4 — Militia Day
March 15 — Day consumer
March 18 — Day of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus
Fourth Sunday in March - Workers' Day public services
and housing and communal services


First Sunday of April  — Day of Geologist
April 8 — Day staff military commissioners
Second Sunday of April — Day troops


May 5 — Press Day
May 7 — Day of Radio, television and communication
Third Saturday in May — Day of the physical Culture and Sports
The last Sunday in May — Border Guards Day
May 29 — Day of the chemist


Ah, summer is the perfect time when beckons to forget about work and have a great time with your colleagues. A refreshing dip in a clear sunny day help skating on the ship, during which and can be held solemn corporate event.


First Sunday in June — Day Meliorator
The second Sunday in June — Day of Light industry
Third Sunday in June — Day of Medical Workers
June 26 — Day prosecutors
The last Saturday of June — Inventor's Day innovator
June 30 — Day economist


The first Saturday of July — Day of Cooperatives
First Sunday of July — The Day of the Water Transport Workers
The second Sunday of July — Workers' Day tax authorities
The third Sunday of July — Metallurgist Day
July 25 — Day of fire service 
Last Sunday of July — Day of the trade


August 2 — Day paratrooper
The first Sunday of August — Railroad Day
August 6 — Day of Railway Troops
Second Sunday of August — Day of the builder
The third Sunday of August —The Day of the Air
August 23 — The Day of the state statistics
The last Sunday in August — Miner's Day


Autumn draws the soul to rest, enjoy gold that surrounds the gardens and parks. How beautiful castles and palaces autumn, decorated with the latest, and therefore very gentle rays of the sun. Corporate holiday at this time of year so it will be pleasant to hold in Mir or Nesvizhsky castles, and then in a cozy restaurant.


The first Sunday of September — Workers' Day oil, gas and fuel industry
Second Sunday in September — Day tank
September 15 — Library Day
Third Sunday in September — The Day of forest
September 20 — Day of Customs
The last Sunday in September — Day Machinist


First Sunday in October — Teacher's Day
October 6 — Day archivist
The second Sunday in October — The Day of culture
October 14 — Day standardization
October 15 — Day of the pharmaceutical and microbiological industry
the last Sunday in October — Day of motorist and road worker


November 6 (first Sunday in November) — Workers' Day Civil Aviation
November 19 — Day missile troops and artillery
Third Sunday in November — The Day of agriculture and agro-processing industries

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