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Mal. Sehnovichi

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The population: 72 people Status: Village The year of foundation: XVI в. Brest region, Zhabinka district

Location - Mal. Sehnovichi

Malye Sehnovichi - a village in Zhabinka district of the Brest region of Belarus. It is included in the Stepankovskiy village council, located in 2 kilometers from the district center - Zhabinka. The nearest road is the motorway in the direction to Kamenets.

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History of the development - Mal. Sehnovichi

The village of Malye Sehnovichi has been known since the XVI century.
Until the beginning of the XIX century it was belonged to the younger line of Kostyushko-Sekhnovichesky (Fedorovich). In the village, there was the manor of Tadeush Kosciuszko (Kosciuszko) with a landscaped park.
In commemoration of the leader of the national liberation movement of Poland and America, Tadeusz Kosciusko, local History Museum was opened in the village on 19th of May 2011.

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Tourism potential - Mal. Sehnovichi

Manor of Kostyushko of XVIII century.
Manor of Zhalkovskiy of XVIII-XIX centuries.
Bust of T. Kosciuszko, 1930
Zhabinka District Museum of Local History.

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GPS Google: 52.2359′ N, 24.006191′ E