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Albut - аarm in Stolbtsy district, Minsk region, which is located 5 km from Stolbtsy surrounded by woods

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History of the development - Albut

In the forestry Albut in the period from 1890 to 1904. Mickiewicz family lived. Here Yakub Kolas spent his childhood and youth years, here he wrote his first poem. Farmstead in Albut has become a fourth place of work for the father of the future writer. From here Yakub Kolas went to study in Nesvizh teacher's seminary, here he came back every summer as a young teacher. Years later, the famous Belarusian writer immortalized Albut in his poem «A New Land» as Riverlands. reveal all text

Tourism potential - Albut

Currently memorial manor Yakub Kolas «Albut» is created in the village Albut. The exposition consists of photographs of the prototypes of the heroes of the poem, manuscripts, editions of the poem of different years, household items of the peasants of the XIX-XX centuries.

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GPS Google: 53.447801′ N, 26.78106′ E