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Strochitsy is a village in the Shchomyslytsky village council of the Minsk district of the Minsk region of the Republic of Belarus.

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History of the development - Strochicy

In the village there are trees that are about 300 years old - oaks, as well as an alley of old lime trees, about 200 years old. The village itself consists of two parts, the far straight with the oaks is older. There is a version that next to where the Menka River flows into the Ptich River, the actual settlement was Mensk. It was destroyed by the Kiev princes Yaroslavovichi, during the march on Polotsk. In place of the old Mensk, stands the village Gorodishche.
In the years of the rise of the revolutionary and national liberation movement, the future Bolshevik Felix Dzerzhinsky was hiding in Strochitsy from the Tsarist secret police with his acquaintances. There is still an alley of old lime trees in the village, which the locals call the Dzerzhinsky Alley. The estate of the residents of Strochicy, who helped Dzerzhinsky, was in no way changed and they themselves were not repressed until their death, until the start of the Second World War.

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Tourism potential - Strochicy

Today Strochitsy known thanks to Ethnographic Museum of the Belarusian wooden architecture, founded in the 80s of the XX century. The museum was conceived back in 1900 by the famous Belarusian artist Ferdinand Rushits, but the world wars that swept across Belarus did not allow him to carry out this project.

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GPS Google: 53.819998′ N, 27.364073′ E