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Photo - Mihalishki

The population: 801 people Status: Village The year of foundation: 1518 Grodno region, Ostrovets district

Location - Mihalishki

The agro-town is located 25 km north-east from the center of Ostrovets on the river Viliya. Highway P45 passes through Mikhalishki, another road leads from Michalishek to Gervyaty.

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History of the development - Mihalishki

For the first time Mihalishki is mentioned in 1518, as the possession of the governor of Troksky, Grigory Ostik.
As a result of the third partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1795), Michalishki found themselves in the Russian Empire.
In 1920, Mihalishki became part of Middle Lithuania, in 1922 - part of the interwar Polish Republic.
In 1939, Mikhalishki entered the BSSR, where on October 12, 1940 they became the center of the village council of the Ostrovets district. Settlement status was lowered to the village.
From December 25, 1962 until January 6, 1965, the Mikhalishkovsky Village Council was part of the Smorgon District.

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Tourism potential - Mihalishki

Church of St. Michael the Archangel.
Cemetery catholic chapel.
Jewish cemetery.
Monument to the Jews - victims of the Holocaust.

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Individual and corporate excursions - Mihalishki

Location map - Mihalishki

GPS Google: 54.812913′ N, 26.158407′ E