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The population: 55 people Status: Village The year of foundation: 1468 Minsk region, Myadel district

Location - Olshevo

Olszewo is a village in Svirsky village council (Myadel district, Minsk region, Belarus). The village is located near the road P95 Lyntupy - Smorgon. Stracha River flows near the village. Located near the reserve «Blue Lakes» of National Park «Narochansky».

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History of the development - Olshevo

At the time of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Olshovo estate, along with neighboring Bakshts, belonged to the Gashtold family. Then the ownership passed to Kotellam, whose residence was in Bakshty.
In 1847, the Olshevo estate belonged to General Stanislav Khominsky.
In 1921, the Olshevo estate became part of the Middle Lithuania.
From October 12, 1940 - as part of the Kutkovsky Village Council of the Svirsky District of the Vileyka Region.
From September 20, 1944 - as part of the Molodechno Region.
From August 31, 1959 - as part of the Myadel District; since January 20, 1960 - in the Minsk region.

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Tourism potential - Olshevo

Khominsky estate.
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Location map - Olshevo

GPS Google: 54.947532′ N, 26.362407′ E