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The population: 1.5 thousand. Status: Village The year of foundation: 1635 Minsk region, Minsk district

Location - Priluki

Priluki- urban-type settlement in the Minsk district of the Minsk region of Belarus. It is located 5 km south of Minsk on the banks of the river Ptich.

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History of the development - Priluki

Here was the first post station on the way from Minsk to Novogrudok. In 1635, one of the owners of the village, Anna Statkevich (née Oginskaya), with the blessing of the Kiev Metropolitan Petro Mohyla, founded an Orthodox monastery here, which existed, however, not for long.
In 1740, for some mysterious circumstances, the castle collapsed, and the new owners of the Ivanovskiy estate rebuilt the monastery into a castle.
Since 1872, the palace in Priluki is one of the residences of Count Emerik Zakharyash Nikolai Severin von Gutten-Chapsky.
During the Second World War, the country house of the Belarus Gauleiter Wilhelm Kuba was located here.Scientific and Research Institute of Plant Protection was opened here, which has since maintained the building and the surrounding buildings in a more or less decent condition.

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Tourism potential - Priluki

ДPalace and Park Ensemble of Chapskikh.
Economic yard (stable, barn-icehouse, house of the manager, brovar).
Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

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Location map - Priluki

GPS Google: 53.792862′ N, 27.452947′ E