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Slutsk belts factory St. Barbaras Chapel in Slutsk Factory of Slutsk belts
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You will visit one of the largest Belarusian art crafts enterprises, the history of which is several centuries: in the second half of the 18th and the first half of the 19th centuries, the manufacture of belts was established at the manufactory owned by the Radzivils. Subsequently, these belts were called «Slutsk». Long, wide belts with a beautiful pattern and complex weaving of precious threads were a symbol of belonging to the elite. In 2012-2013, after studying the secrets of weavers, the artistic features of the belts and the materials from which they were made, in the ancient city of Slutsk recreated a unique technology. When making copies, weavers use natural silk, threads with gold and silver content. There are no analogues to these products in the world.


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