Horseback riding

Horseback riding - one of the most popular outdoor activities in Belarus. Beautiful nature, age-old historical traditions, the availability of visits allows to develop this sport in the country. Staying outdoors heals the body and gives a charge of vitality and communication with animals has a beneficial effect on the psychological state of a person and relieves stress. In addition to relaxation, riding will improve physical fitness and help keep your body in good shape. An undoubted advantage is the year-roundness of this type of recreation - at any time of the year you can take a horse ride on the territory of horse farms, tourist and ethnographic complexes, in an open or covered area.

Belarusian excursion Internet portal proposes to combine excursions and tours with horseback riding. Horse riding will be especially interesting for:

  • children - learning how to ride a horse correctly, how to communicate with animals and meet professional athletes;
  • school groups - as leisure during a excursion or outdoor recreation, which is timed to the final, last call, during the holidays;
  • foreign guests - riding while on holiday in the farmsteads;
  • ecotourists - horse trails are often in areas with natural environment - in national parks, nature reserves, where the natural conditions are preserved almost in its original form;
  • corporate groups - as an addition to the corporate party or team building program.

Please note that ordering horse rides is possible only as part of a excursion or corporate event.

Minsk region

  • Horse farmstead «Butcevichi»

    Location: Minsk region Minsk district, Bucevichi

    Farmstead offers: horseback riding and training with an instructor, horse riding accompanied by an instructor, cowboy entertainment (throwing a lasso, archery, etc.), country-style animation, horse shows.

  • Horse farmstead «Horses-Pony»

    Location: Minsk region, Volozhin district, Mikhalovo

    Farmstead offers: excursions around the neighborhood in stage coach, in winter sleigh rides, children's parties with ponies, photo shoots in real carriages, On the territory - a petting zoo with mini animals (ponies, kids, lambs and rabbits).

  • Equestrian sports complex «Ratomka»

    Location: Minsk region, Minsk district, Ramatka

    Complex offers: learning the rules of communication with a horse and horseback riding, horseback riding in the field, outbound horse rental, holidays and baton with horses and carriages, acquaintance and history of equestrian sport.

  • Museum complex «Dudutki»

    Location: Minsk region, Pukhovichy district, Ptich

    Complex offers: horseback riding around the museum, riding a cart, riding a horse in a circle, tours of the museum, corporate events, holidays and festivals.

  • Center of ecological tourism «Stankovo»

    Location: Minsk region, Dzerzhinsky district, Stankovo

    Center offers: summer walks on the cart / stagecoach, in winter - on a sleigh, horseback rides, for children - on a pony or donkey, individual lessons on horse riding lessons with an instructor.

  • Агротуристический комплекс «Nanosi-Novoselye»

    Location: Minsk region, Myadel district, Nanosy

    Complex offers: equestrian performance lasting for 40 minutes, riding in an arena, learning to ride a horse, riding a horse through the forest with a coach, photo session with horses, riding in a carriage.

  • Horse riding base in Dudinka

    Location: Minsk region, Borisov district, Dudinka

    Base offers: horseback riding training, a brief introduction to the horse, riding in a carriage, group and individual horseback riding over rough terrain, photo shoots. Well trained horses are suitable even for inexperienced riders.

  • Equestrian centre «Mustang»

    Location: Minsk region, Minsk district, Okolitsa

    Center offers: horse-riding lessons, individual lessons, walks through the fields and woods, group riding (up to 15 people), pony rides for children, open-air ski rides in summer and sleds in winter.

  • Horse riding center «Dvor Starinki»

    Location: Minsk region, Vileika district, Starinki

    Center offers: horseback riding accompanied by an instructor, individual training lessons on horseback riding, single and multi-day horse trekking, equestrian fitness.

  • Equestrian Club «Golden spur»

    Location: Minsk region, Pukhovichi district, Mezhdurechie

    Club offers: horseback riding, equestrian military business, horseback riding training for adults and children, as part of the holidays and corporate events horse shows of various styles are held.

  • Horse Club «Prodius»

    Location: Minsk region, Minsk district, Dubki

    Club offers: professional instructors will teach horse riding on noble and purebred horses. Riding lessons take place in the equestrian club or in the forest belt.

  • Horse Club «Riding on Malinovka»

    Location: Minsk region, Minsk

    Club offers: The guests of the equestrian club are trained in the basics of horse riding, horse rental, horseback riding, pony rides, photo shoots, visits to children's parties, corporate parties.

  • Horse Club «Flika»

    Location: Minsk region, Minsk district, Samokhvalovichi

    Club offers: organization of classes in riding for children and adults, where everyone can learn a variety of gaits. Classes are conducted by professional coaches and athletes.

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Brest region

  • BRORC on equestrian sport

    Location: Brest region, Brest

    Center offers: dressage classes, jumping classes, horseback riding lessons, riding lessons. Additionally, a familiarization tour of the complex can be held, where guests will be told about the activities of equestrian athletes and their achievements.

  • Equestrian club «Loshademaniya»

    Location: Brest region., Brest district, Schebrin

    Club offers: walks to the fields and forests for adults and children, horseback riding, training with an instructor, self-study, photo session with horses.

  • Equestrian club «Device»

    Location: Brest region, Brest district, Perki

    Club offers: horseback riding, accompanied by an instructor, jumping classes, horseback riding lessons, photo sessions with horses, sledding and horse carriage rides, provision of horses for parties and events.

  • Equestrian club «Communal»

    Location: Brest region, Brest

    Club offers: Long walks on horses, riding lessons, photo shoots, group and individual lessons. For the little ones, pleasant time is offered in the company of ponies.

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Vitebsk region

  • Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

    Location: Vitebsk region., Lepel district, Domzheritsy

    Reserve offers: horse route «Across the green region» (duration - 1 hour, length - 3.5 km) on the territory of the reserve, accompanied by a guide.

  • Horse riding center in Tulovo

    Location: Vitebsk region, Vitebsk

    Center offers: horseback and camel rides, basic horseback riding lessons (individual lessons), horseback riding, pony rifles, carriages, photo shoots with horses, a walk to the lake accompanied by an instructor.

  • Tourist complex «Green Club»

    Location: Vitebsk region., Braslavsky district, Posnude

    Complex offers: horseback riding, communication with pets is especially memorable for young guests.

  • Equestrian club «Pegasus»

    Location: Vitebsk region, Vitebsk

    Club offers: memorable rides on horseback are waiting for all lovers of equestrian sport. Riding lessons, horseback riding in the park, photo shoots and horse shows - all this will be a great event for both adults and children.

  • Equestrian club «Impulse»

    Location: Vitebsk region, Orsha

    Club offers: The club has for 10 years successfully taught children and adults to ride a horse. For some people, horseback riding has become the meaning of life, for some people a hobby, but in any case, communication with horses left a bright mark on everyone’s life.

  • Center of the Olympic reserve on equestrian sport and horse breeding

    Location: Vitebsk region, Baran

    Center offers: Olympic Reserve Center for equestrian sports and horse breeding invites you to horseback rides through scenic spots near the city and individual horse riding lessons.

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Gomel region

  • GRORC on equestrian sport

    Location: Gomel region, Gomel

    Center offers: individual horse riding and in a group, riding a pony, riding a horse or a pony with photo or video shooting, horse riding lessons, horse maintenance training.

  • Farmstead «Horse Island»

    Location: Gomel region, Gomel district, Granovka

    Club offers: riding a carriage or a coach, tourist routes up to one and a half hours, photo session with horses.

  • Equestrian sports complex «Ozerschina»

    Location: Gomel region, Rechitsky district, Ozerschina

    Complex offers: horse riding, individual lessons with an instructor, horse rental outside the equestrian sports complex, equipment rental.

  • Horse Club «Bucefal»

    Location: Gomel region, Gomel

    Club offers: professional training in riding, the opportunity to walk through the woods, if you already have some skills rider. Communicating with horses is not only fun, but also an excellent contribution to health.

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Grodno region

  • Agrotourist complex «Korobchicy»

    Location: Grodno region, Grodno district, Korobchicy

    Complex offers: learning how to communicate with a horse and horseback riding, horseback riding, individual and group lessons, horseback riding through the forest, developing horseback riding, rehab horseback riding.

  • Farmstead «Korolinsky folvarok Tyzengauza»

    Location: Grodno region, Grodno district, Korolino

    Farmstead offers: horseback riding training individually and in groups, horseback riding, sleigh rides / carriage rides, mini-competitions and relay races, photo shoots, individual work of a coach with departure to the customer.

  • Equestrian sports complex «Vertilishki»

    Location: Grodno region, Grodno district, Vertilishki

    Complex offers: horse riding lessons, lessons with an instructor. There are 450 sport horses in 5 technological stables.

  • Farmstead «Rancho Rodeo»

    Location: Grodno region, Novogrudok district, Leshchenko

    Farmstead offers: Farmstead is suitable for those who want a pleasant unity with nature, comfort, comfort and silence. Horse riding service is provided on a par with many others and guarantees an unforgettable experience.

  • Equestrian center «Hippika»

    Location: Grodno region, Oshmyany district, v. Grintsy

    Center offers: The KSC in Grintsy was founded at the end of the last century by Olympic champion Viktor Ugryumov, at the moment new owners, who love equestrian sports with all their hearts, work to make the equestrian center become the “calling card” of not only the region, but also Belarus.

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Mogilev region

  • MRORC on equestrian sport

    Location: Mogilev region, Mogilev district, Gorodok

    Center offers: horse riding lessons, riding tours, photo shoots, horse trips of various lengths, student demonstrations.

  • Cossack Equestrian club «Ermak»

    Location: Mogilev region, Bobruisk

    Club offers: horseback riding training, horseback riding for adults and children, hiking, hippotherapy, demonstration performances with elements of Cossack horse-riding, equestrian theater with horse tricks.

  • Horse riding in Gorki

    Location: Mogilyov region, Gorki

    Center offers: horse riding training, riding on an occasion accompanied by an instructor. Indoor equestrian arena is provided for classes, horseback riding in winter or bad weather, training fields.

  • Equestrian club «Lomov»

    Location: Mogilev region, Bobruisk

    Center offers: During the first four years of its existence, the club was mainly engaged in horse riding and rental training. Today the club is one of the most famous in the territory of Mogilev region, annually holds equestrian competitions and produces professional athletes.

  • Forestry College

    Location: Mogilyov district, Buynichi

    College offers: riding in the arena and in the open spaces of the Forestry College is available to all: children, and the older generation, and the pros, and beginners. The whole excursion program runs on horseback.

  • Horse Club «Avantgarde»

    Location: Mogilyov district, Kniazhitsy

    Club offers: trainer with a lot of experience will pick up an agreeable, quiet horse, teach the basics of riding and accompany him on a walk. Riding a horse can both adults and children.

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Get advice on the organization of excursions with horseback riding using one of the following ways:

  1. from the page of your order;
  2. by phone (+37529) 756-66-65, by sending a message in Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype;
  3. by phone (+37517) 394-49-13 (multichannel);
  4. by fax (+37517) 394-59-09;
  5. by E-mail - send a message >>

If you did not find a suitable option among the proposed options, send us a request for organizing the excursion, indicate your wishes for the trip, within 24 hours our specialists will send you offers.

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