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Natural complex «Blue Lakes»

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Type: Natural monuments Status: Republican value Minsk region, Myadel district

Blue lakes are a group of lakes in the Myadel district of the Minsk region and Postavy district of the Vitebsk region of Belarus. Relate to the basin of the Stracha River, the tributary of Viliya.

The group "Blue Lakes" includes about 10 lakes, among them: Bolduk, Glublya, Glubelka, Ilginia, Balduchitsa, Barley, Imsharets, Okunek, Glukhoe, Dead, Karasik, Big Boltik, Maly Boltik. Bolduk is one of the largest lakes in this region and the fifth in depth in Belarus. Its name has Baltic roots and is translated as "bottomless".

At the foot of the hills, the Stracha River flows - the right tributary of Viliya, originating from Lake Malyi Shvakshty. In the tributaries and streams that flow into the Straight, live beavers - in the national park they are home to more than 150.

Preservation of lakes is promoted by the strength of the territory and its inaccessibility. In order to preserve the lakes in 1972, a landscape reserve of the republican significance "Blue Lakes" was created.

The modern territory of the "Blue Lakes" is divided into two parts: on on of witch is the ecological path "Blue Lakes", and the other embraces a vast protected area with limited access for visitors.

The reserve can please fans of unique and rare plant species. Relic plants grow on the territory of the reserve. Particularly impressive is the fact that here grow a Venus shoe, a forest tulip and a sparrow Ruprecht. This is a pleasant surprise, which always surprises the ecotourists going to the Blue Lakes.

In 1999 the territory of the reserve became part of the state nature protection institution National Park "Narochansky" as a natural complex "Blue Lakes".Besides it, there is an ecological path of the National Park in the area of the village of Olshevo where people can visit the ecotropic on their own or with help of the tourist department of the National Park or from Minsk.

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Address Minsk region, Myadel district GPS Google: 54.959976′ N, 26.361127′ E