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«Milk World» ice cream factory

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Type: Industrial buildings Status: Factories and plants Belarus, Grodno, ul. Gasparadcha 28

One of the leaders of the dairy industry in Belarus is Open Society "Dairy World". OJSC "Dairy World" - is factory of food industry, producing dairy products, water, sparkling soft drinks, mayonnaise. The plant began operation in 1938. Initially manual labor dominated, there were no refrigeration equipment.
Plant was reconstructed several times. The first reconstruction was completed in 1967. The second reconstruction began in 1988 and ended in 1993.
Today the products of the dairy plant is spread not only in Grodno, but also in other Belarusian cities and even in other countries. Currently, the plant processes about 160 thousand tons of milk per year. To improve product quality, factory uses the latest in modern technology.
Experienced craftsmen working here is also an important factor in a good production plant. The plant produces: milk and its substitute, cream, yogurt, kefir. Sour cream, clabber, cottage cheese, processed cheese and curds, butter, yogurt, iced cheese, ice cream, mineral bottled water and carbonated beverages, mayonnaise, dried whey.

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Address Belarus, Grodno, ul. Gasparadcha 28 GPS Google: 53.708766′ N, 23.828348′ E