Folk festival «Hukannie viasny» in Dudutki

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Folk festival «Hukannie viasny» in Dudutki


Excursion Portal invites you to the festivities of the meeting of the beauty of spring «Hukannie viasny» in «Dudutki»! This year, the traditional farewell to winter and the meeting of the new spring will take place March 26. Festive outdoor activities, lush pancakes, a nimation show, traditional games and fun and much more await visitors to the museum complex!

The only holiday-rite that does not have a specific plan of action, because the most important thing in it - to have fun, sing and enjoy life. That\'s why The Cries of Spring is always accompanied by carols, loud singing, interesting traditions and fun games. It is believed that this day is the call of spring to earth and it comes, bringing joy and happiness.

Guests of the holiday are waiting:

  • Spring carols;
  • Interesting traditions;
  • Exciting master classes;
  • Painting life with bright colors;
  • Folk dances;
  • Fun games;
  • Spring Exhibition;
  • Burning the campfire;
  • Get rid of everything you don\'t need;
  • Colorful and vibrant photo zones;
  • Frequencies.

You can visit the holiday as part of the excursion «Dudutki».

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