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Science Museum Elemento

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Type: Science and Technology Location: Minsk, Minsk region

Immerse yourself in the world of science, understand the fundamental foundations of the universe, supplement and update your knowledge of physics - all this is possible in the "Elemento".

Mechanisms, pendulums, play of light, chemical experiments - every visitor to the museum becomes a direct participant in experiments and experiments, during which he learns a lot about the physical laws of the world. Science is interesting! This very slogan was held by the founders of the unusual exhibition. All the exhibits were designed and executed by a team of professional engineers. In the museum, the child and his parent are faced with a mass of incomprehensible devices. For example, an instrument that demonstrates the features of the propagation of sound waves and resembles a large shell. And here's the next incomprehensible design: copper and aluminum plates on both sides of the plank. Inside is an ammeter. If you put your hands on the plates, there will be a chemical reaction to the liquid from which we are made up, and we will get electricity. Visually? More than! The level meter of excitement - so jokingly called this exhibit in the museum.

The museum contains wooden puzzles, there is a microscope and exhibits that can be viewed through a magnifying glass. In the museum you can get lightning with the help of Tesla coil, listen to music with your teeth, sit on nails and much, much more.

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    Address The Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Independence Avenue 116 GPS Google: 53.931818′ N, 53.931818′ E