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Museum of War- the territory of peace

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Type: Military and Historical Location: Brest, Brest region
«Museum of War- the territory of peace» was inaugurated June 22, 2014 at the Brest Fortress. The size of the museum is almost equal to the Museum of Brest Fortress and placed in eight spacious halls.

The exposition begins on the 1st floor with the inscription "Brest Fortress" in 27 languages. Then there are the mannequins Lieutenant Red Army infantryman, his wife and daughter, who prepare the visitor to talk about the pre-war life. In the first room - pre-war photos of servicemen and their families, letters to relatives, household items, musical instruments. For example, the original accordion defenders Fedor Ryabov.

Southeast barracks of the Citadel is located on the left bank of the bayou Mukhavets part of its casemates destroyed and covered with metal bars that allows you to visit the interior.

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    Address 224018, Republic of Belarus, Brest, Brest fortress GPS Google: 52.082149′ N, 52.082149′ E