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Krupki District Local History Museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 1 Location: Krupki, Minsk region

Krupski District Local History Museum was founded May 26, 1995 The new building of the museum was opened June 30, 2004 Mission Krupsk History Museum is reviving, research and conservation national historical and cultural heritage of the area and the city Krupsk Krupki. Today Krupski historical museum - a dynamic, modern and cultural center, which gathered the most extensive information about the history and culture, traditions and customs Krupschiny. July 3, 2010 in the museum opened Heroes Walk of Fame.

The museum collection is stored 34. Krupski historical museum has 6391 exhibit of fixed assets and more than 2068 items of scientific and auxiliary.

Museum Awards: December 27, 1995 the museum was awarded the title of "People".  Diploma for participation in the first national forum "The Museum of Belarus' Grodno 2012. Certificates of honor and gratitude.

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    1. ”Krupski historical museum” in the exhibition hall of the exhibits from the collections of archeology, ethnography, bonistics, numismatics, decorative arts, sculpture, weaving, painting, and more. As part of the exhibition visitors to the museum can learn about the history Krupsky edge.

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    Address 222010, Minsk region, Krupki, Zaitseva str., 5a GPS Google: 54.319861′ N, 54.319861′ E