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Type: Complex The exhibition: 3 Location: Petrikov, Gomel region
Petrikov ethnographic museum is open from March 2008 and placed in a two-story brick building area of 157 sq.m. Exhibition area caught is 58.2 square meters, the exhibition - 37.4 sq.m. The first exhibition of the museum was dedicated to the archeology and ethnography of the native Petrikov edge. It includes archaeological materials collected in the course of the Belarusian-American expedition, under the leadership of a senior researcher of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, a native of Petrikov Verga.

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    1. Archaeologists of Petrikov On display are exhibits ranging from the Middle Stone Age (Mesolithic) and ends the period of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Stone Age flint products are geometric forms - arrows, spear, ax, knives. Interesting showcase dedicated to the iron age pottery fragments Milograd culture: women's jewelry - Bronze poltoraoborotnoe ring with narrowed ends, Scythian bronze arrowheads, metal stud Roman period, bronze earring Milograd culture, bronze bracelet Zarubintsy culture, brooches and more.
    2. Ethnography of Petrikov Ethnographic exhibits related to arts and crafts. The central place in the museum occupies a wooden dugout boat that more than 100 years. Calories exposure give homespun blanket and bench-woven by local weavers in compliance with the traditions of folk art weaving region.
    3. Art and photo exhibitions On the second floor of the museum halls are open for temporary exhibitions.

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    Address 247940 Gomel region, Petrikov, Gagarin str., 20 GPS Google: 52.125650′ N, 52.125650′ E