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Museum of Belynichi Collective farm Rodina

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 5 Location: Belynichi, Mogilev region

Museum of Belynichi «Collective farm Rodina» located in the agro town Vishovo of Belynichi district, Mogilev region. Grand opening of the museum took place July 12, 2013.

In the museum there are approximately a thousand exhibits that reflect not only the history of education, formation and development of the Collective farm «Rodina», but also to collect information about individuals-laborers of the native land that created this story. Witnesses of the past are the original documents and photographs, passing Red Banner Books and the People's Glory, fighting and labor awards war and labor veterans, rare items that apply to a specific time period.

The museum consists of four stationary halls and art galleries. In addition, All information collected is stored in the information kiosk, wandering through the virtual space of which everyone has the opportunity to get acquainted with its interesting period in the history of his native land.

Photo - Museum of Belynichi Collective farm Rodina

    Exposure - Museum of Belynichi Collective farm Rodina

    1. hall of History of 1900 - 1941 years exhibition tells the story of vishovskoy land until 1917, the establishment of the Soviet regime, collectivization and the establishment in 1929 of the collective farm named after Kalinin, renamed in the future in the collective farm «Rodina». Here you can see photos of fellow-members of the First World and the Civil War, the first collective farms in the area and the people that headed out. Widely available documents of the 1930s: the collective farm help, warrants and even the famous statement of account generation workdays. A significant place in the exhibition is an art installation «The Cabinet of the first chairman of the collective farm». Table under the red cloth, Budenovka and saber on the wall, on the windowsill Gorlach with milk and a loaf of bread - whole life head of the collective farm collectivization at a glance.
    2. hall of History of 1941 - 1945 years the hall includes photographs, documents and awards veterans, newspapers and partisan leaflets, unique finds - personal belongings military period of the heroic defense of Mogilev. Reconstruction of the dugout gives opportunity to get acquainted with the life of a partisan during the Second World War. Here consecrated theme of the last war of the Soviet Union - the war in Afghanistan. In the windows and on the catwalks of documents, awards and personal belongings of soldiers-internationalists, natives vishovskoy land.
    3. hall of peasant life of 1920 - 1930 years crossed the threshold of the museum, visitors enter the wonderful world of rural life of 20-30-ies. On a farmstead presents male and female tools of peasant labor: slotting stupa and nachovki, ancient steelyard and rocker strahovnya, which incited the straw on the roof - all of these things, long obsolete, can only be seen in the museum. This shows the interior of a peasant hut: a table under the icon in the «red» corner, «Babin kut» with stove and cooking utensils, a loom, where you can learn the basics of weaving. Special national flavor exposure give female sculptures in traditional Belarusian clothes.
    4. hall of Contemporary History covers the time frame from 1945 to the present day. Recovering economy after World War II, the first post-war success of the collective farm are reflected in diplomas, diplomas and awards as the team as a whole as well as individuals. The exhibition contains information about the leaders, who at various times not only was headed collective farm «Rodina», and attached to it the economy. Separate unit traced career of Alexander Mikhailovich Lapotentova, more than 30 years as head of the collective farm «Rodina». A place of honor in the museum stands the best people take photos of farms in the showcases - there are rewards and documents veterans of labor and modern advanced production.
    5. picture gallery in holl contains colorful landscapes and portraits of folk artists and painters of Belarus and neighboring countries, one of which is a member of the USSR Academy of Arts, Honorary Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya.

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    Address 213,166, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Belynichi district, Vishov GPS Google: 53.980855′ N, 53.980855′ E