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Museum of the factory Belhudozhkeramika

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Type: Industrial Location: Radoshkovichi, Minsk region

Аt the factory «Belhudozhkeramika» was opened hall of product samples and Museum of the factory Belhudozhkeramika. Company history begins in 1940, when the company was organized for the production of consumer goods, including pottery. Over the past decade, the company has become a modern, technologically equipped with advanced equipment and technology, production of household and artistic ceramics. The main products produced at the plant: art pottery, glassware, sets, vases, souvenirs, mugs.

Visitors to the museum will be able not only to see the entire range of products from the start of production at the plant, but also see the latest. This flower pots, planters, as well as tableware and household goods. Also, visitors will be able to see how ceramics are made, to participate in their own clay modeling. In the museum you will get acquainted with the two exposition halls: varieties of ceramic products since the beginning of operation of the business and modern products. In the gift shop you can buy vases, flower pots, tea set, dinner set, a variety of memorabilia from the ceramics.

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    Address 222322, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Molodechneno district, Radoshkovichi, Sovetskaya st., 12 GPS Google: 54.156359′ N, 54.156359′ E