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Museum of the history of Gomel

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 3 Location: Gomel, Gomel region

Museum of the history of Gomel was formed in February 2009 in connection with the "Year of Native Land" in the Republic of Belarus. The museum established as a research and educational center, searching, ordering, scientific processing of information on the history of the city of Gomel and its subsequent presentation to the general public. Museum of the History of Gomel - a visiting card of the city, his face, it is designed to attract both its own citizens and foreign visitors. The museum is housed in a building in the city's architecture as an object directly associated with many events in the history of the city. The museum building (type town house) was built in 1820-1822 in the Empire style (late classicism), under the direction of architect I.M. Dyachkova as one of the houses in the ensemble of the estate of Count N.P. Rumyantsev. In the archival documents it is referred to as a "home for the summer residence of Count" ("Hunting Lodge"). After the revolution of 1917 in the building housed various government organizations. In 1993-1997, carried out the restoration of the building and it was transferred to the balance of the Gomel Regional Museum (now - the state historical and cultural institution "Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble"). In February 2002, the "hunting lodge" as a monument of architecture, given the status of historical and cultural value of the second category. May 18, 2009 the grand opening of the museum with the assistance of the administration of the city and the region. Currently, the museum has three permanent permanent exhibition.

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    Exposure - Museum of the history of Gomel

    1. The interiors of the noble town house (late XIX - early XX century).
    2. History of Gomel from ancient times to the beginning of the XX century).
    3. Walking through the old Gomel (late XIX - early XX century).

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    Address 246050, Republic of Belarus, Gomel, Pushkin str., 32 GPS Google: 52.428454′ N, 52.428454′ E