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Nesvizh region historical- ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 7 Location: Nesvizh, Minsk region

Nesvizh region historical-ethnographic museum  created on a voluntary basis at Nesvizh executive committee since 1986. Order on the establishment of the museum was adopted on 30 October 1989. The official opening took place on 14 January 1995. January 1, 2005 museum was reorganized into a state institution with several   subdivisions: apartment-museum of artist M.C. Sevruk (1996), pottery (2001), the museum object "Forge" (2006). Display area 379 m2 museum halls, the number of permanent exhibitions 7 museum objects 8713, one of the main fund 6736 (for 2009).

Nesvizh Museum is a winner in "Best Museum of the Year" (2008) in the annual competition among museums in the Minsk region. Museum staff organized presentations of exhibitions, museum and educational activities within the "kind of Zen, a museum," meeting students with veterans. For the purpose of acquisition of the museum are conducted expedition to the area, is scientific handling of museum objects, create new exposure. Each year, the museum takes a part in Nesvizh national festival "Nesvizh Muses". in the pottery workshop arranged production of souvenirs.

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    Exposure - Nesvizh region historical- ethnographic museum

    1. Belarusian village of late XIX - early XX centuries collections of weaving, pottery, basket weaving and wood, fragments of a peasant's hut, dishes, household items, regional Kopyl-Kletsk folk costume, accessories for flax processing, loom, agricultural implements, map Nesvizh region of the first quarter of the twentieth century.
    2. Trade and crafts of Nesvizh collections of glassware, archeology, pottery, blacksmith, exposure is the Town Hall Square Nesvizha late nineteenth - 30th city of the twentieth century.
    3. Nesvizh. Page of legends and stories Collections of Archaeology, dishes, clothing, woodworking, documentary photographs. Ekskpozitsiya consists of several sections - "City of legend", "Gallery of historical events and legendary personalities," "Nesvizh heritage", "Sketches Nesvizh life", which reflect the historical stages of development Nesvizh.
    4. War. Tragedy. Feat collections of documents, documentary photographs, military ammunition, coins, reflecting the military conflicts of the twentieth century, the exhibition presents photographs of the participants of the First and Second World Wars, the guerrilla movement, exhibited personal effects of soldiers, German soldiers, letters from the front, the awards, the materials of the soldiers, internationalists.
    5. Stationary exhibition ”Saved Value” exhibited icons, folding, table crosses the XIX - early XX century, transferred to the museum from Brest and Grodno customs.
    6. Apartment-Museum of M.K. Sevruk provided personal collection of M.K. Sevruk, opened in Nesvizh Street. Garden, 38 in flat realist artist Michael Sevruk Roerich (1905-1979). Features paintings, drawings, personal memorabilia. The collection includes 1107 units.
    7. Museum object ”Smithy” represented by external and internal appearance of the forge, tools and implements, displayed the process of blacksmithing late XIX - early XX centuries.

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    Address 222603, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Nesvizh,Leninskaya str., 96 GPS Google: 53.226873′ N, 53.226873′ E