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Myadel museum of national glory

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 7 Location: Myadel, Minsk region

Myadel museum of national glory was founded in 1969 on the basis of Myadel department of culture. In 1982, the construction of a new museum building. The Victory exhibition hall was opened in May 8, 1985. On the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders, July 3, 1988, was open the whole exposition of the new building. The interior is decorated in belarusian style: the ensemble of village hut with exposed beams, decorated with geometric carvings (draft artist Olga Sankova). Ceramic mural on the wall reflects the historical events edge on light oak dies - the original carving artist Victoria Danchuk. The museum exposition is divided into 10 rooms, each devoted to a single topic, such as the ancient history of the region, the Great Patriotic War, history of religions of dictrict, dugout guerrillas, famous people of our time. The museum tapestries woven for exposure based on the legends Naroch land (artist Nina Pilyuzina). Original design stands hall of the Great Patriotic War, where oak dies on the walls and ceiling are painted in brown color, full of fragments of shells and cartridge cases, they are reminded of the war. Display area halls of the museum is 563 m2. The total number of museum objects is 35,275 items, of which the main fund 19,470 items, research and support 15,805 items. The museum annually museum education program "Edge Narochansky-partisan edge," organized a meeting of veterans of the war, theatrical productions on the military theme.

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    1. ”Ancient history of the region” Hall talks about ancient history of Myadelschina. Сollection includes ancient tiles from excavations of a medieval castle, which was located on a peninsula in Lake Myastro, unique tile with a picture of a knight on a horse with a sword in his hand.
    2. ”The First World War” unique exhibits dedicated to the First World War: Army certificate of the time, the weapons, the German occupation passports with fingerprints owners, breast crosses and medallions Russian soldier, a soldier's life objects, photographs and maps of the time.
    3. ”Great Patriotic War” n the exhibition features photographs and documents of the first organizers of the underground movement and partisans, their personal belongings, police correspondence with the guerrillas Brigade of Rokossovskiy , weapons of World War II, the German dishes, the materials of the guerrilla gangs operating in the territory of Myadel district. Separately collected letters from the front, dated 1944 year written died in Poland Viacheslav Davidovich - a former member of the Komsomol operatives.
    4. ”Liberation of Myadelschina” presented photographs and documents, personal belongings of the Hero of the Soviet Union D.K.Morozov - commander of the 850th Infantry Regiment, his reward.
    5. ”Folk art of Myadelschina” in exhibition hall are wooden sculptures, souvenirs, toys made ​​of clay, lace, knitting and weaving items.
    6. ”Famous countrymen” exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the famous compatriots: Professor, People's Artist of Belarus Vasiliy Sharangovich, People's Artist of Belarus Maria Zaharevich Myadel poets: Marian Duksa, Mechislav Shahovic, Josif Skurko, Evgeniy Shaban, Adolf Voronovich.
    7. exhibit dedicated to the people poet of Belarus Maxim Tank presented manuscripts of the poet, with his autographed books, personal items, which the memory of the poet.

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    Address 222397, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Myadel, Sharangovich st., 1 GPS Google: 54.868714′ N, 54.868714′ E