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Luban state museum of national glory

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 4 Location: Lyuban, Minsk region

Luban state museum of national glory was created in 1968 by order of the management culture Minsk executive committee № 134 dated 22.10.1968, the doors for visitors Museum opened July 3, 1971. The first director was Nicholas Dorozhko Prokhorovich, a veteran of World War II. The first exposition dedicated to the life of Luban from 1917 to 1971. It reflected the revolutionary the struggle and the victory of the working class in the revolution, the peaceful building of a new life, formidable military during World War II, post-war reconstruction country.

Today Luban museum occupies two buildings with a total area of ​​256 square meters. In the building on the street. Lenin, 17 is a branch - Museum traditional crafts and trades шт Luban, on the street. Kalina, 2 - Historical and Regional Studies шт Luban. The museum's collections include more than 25,000 items, including unique numismatic collection, a rich ethnographic collection, recreating country life XIX century, archaeological objects found on Luban territory area. Important place in the museum halls devoted harsh the days of the Great Patriotic War - collected a large number of military documents, photographs and personal items belonging to the heroic veterans.

Museum is a center of scientific, educational and cultural Luban. It held celebrations, meetings with veterans World War II, artists, literary and musical evenings. Good tradition began workshops on traditional crafts that conduct celebrated Luban masters, as well as exhibitions and sales of their works. Each year, the museum display through 15 exhibitions on various subjects.

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    Exposure - Luban state museum of national glory

    1. History of Luban main exhibition on the history of the region, it was built on the chronological and collectible principles designed for universal audience, the exhibition are documents, photographs, objects of material and spiritual culture from different historical periods.
    2. Test of war Exposure section introduces visitors to the development of the partisan movement and patriotic underground activities on Lyubanschine, which became in the years of the Great Patriotic War, the center of the partisan movement, Minsk region. Documents and photographs of World War II tell of armed struggle in the enemy's rear, on the airfield and the partisan guerrilla schools, the release of the newspaper "Zvezda", "Chyrvonaya Edit" and "Klіch Radzіmy" in the underground press, about the participation of natives and residents Lyubanschiny Survived Great Patriotic War.
    3. Buzzing, humming in the museum tells about the participation of natives edge in the historical events of the early twentieth century.: Revolution 1905-1907. and 1917, World War I and the Civil War, the establishment and operation on drained peatlands farm "10 years BSSR," and the Red Army of the commune, the period of collectivization and mass repression 30s of last century.
    4. Traditional crafts and trades of Liuban exposure is on the street. Lenin, 17 at the Museum of traditional crafts and trades, there are the traditional inhabitants of the region classes, works by contemporary artists, visitors can try their hand as a weaver and work on the loom.

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    Address 223812, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Luban, st. Kalinin, 2 GPS Google: 52.794238′ N, 52.794238′ E