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Museum of history of Kletchina

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 7 Location: Kletsk, Minsk region

Museum of history of Kletchina is formed by the reorganization Kletsk historical and ethnographic museum in October 2005. The basis of the initial exposure of the school museum materials were present school number 2, the dumpling collected by members of the local history circles under the guidance of a teacher of geography Dorofei Black Maksimovic. In 1961, the school opened the first exhibition. School museum in operation from October 1969 and included more than 1000 items. Since the beginning of the 70th hgodov near the school began construction of a two-storey building for the museum, on a special project (the facade of the building is a copy of "House Hunting" earl Rumyantsev Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace in Gomel). September 1, 1979 School Museum after moving into a new building became a state. In 2010, the museum staff created a new department of the exposition on the history of the militsia in the building dumpling Kletsk militsia department. The total area of the museum is 238.2 m2, of which exposure - 139.3 m2, the exhibition - 44.8 m2 storage facility - 16.0 m2. The total number of museum objects 13019, of which 9777 are the main fund, auxiliary science-3242 The museum operates 6 exhibition halls: 5 permanent and 1 temporary exhibition.

Of museum objects that are stored in the collections of the greatest value and interest are items of the collection archeology (wrote the XIth century, a bone block XIII., Ring-seal with a griffin, dregovichskoe temple ring XII ., etc.), a collection of ancient icons and church plate, a collection of documents (births Sinyavsky and Tseperskoy churches of the late XIXth century), a collection of weapons and ammunition (pistol Korovin - the award of honorary security officer Ivan Apanasevich, a native of Kletchiny, with a commemorative engraving, dagger "Bebut" 1907, shortened carbine model 1944., based at the Mosin rifle, etc.).

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    Exposure - Museum of history of Kletchina

    1. ”Distant Past” the materials found during excavations in the city and region in the period from prehistoric times to the end of the XVIII century. Visitors will learn about the history and development of the city. Are represented 425 exhibits.
    2. Militsia museum stablished in 2010 in the building Kletsk militsia department and is dedicated to the history of dumpling police.
    3. ”Bright constellation names” exhibition dedicated to the famous compatriots, natives in Kletchina.
    4. ”National culture of Kletchina” exhibition includes 214 exhibits reflecting the traditions and life of national minorities living in Kletchina (objects of decorative art, glass, textiles, appliances and apparatus).
    5. unstable exposure temporary exhibitions of the museum and other institutions.
    6. ”The tragic pages of the past” the exhibit hall has 301 exhibit is devoted to the events of the Civil, World War II, the war in Afghanistan. Presented arms, clothes, photos, coins.
    7. ”Guerrilla dugout” exposure created by the staff of the museum in the basement of the former.

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    Address 222531, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Kletsk, Gagarin str. , 6 GPS Google: 53.066633′ N, 53.066633′ E